Blogger turned entrepreneur, hehe we are
many in the business field.. Check out a post done HERE by Valerie I made the
cut. Cassie Daves although not in the list has come up with this great idea of
a Blog Planner. Being a blogger also she has been able to draft out simple
guides that would help take your blog to the next level which that does exactly as
it says. This helps organize your post for better productivity. Her challenges
and experience and being in the business of blogging for quite sometime has
made this planner a must have.. I got mine and from the packaging to the little notes
that came with it, everything was so eye catchy and so below are reasons as to why this is a
great buy for blog owners. to order yours check out her page HERE..

Better Organization: The pages are
already planned out for you, they are not just plain pages, but each planned
with dates and headings to keep your blog thoughts simple and in check.

Eases off Procrastination: This is always
the doom of many blogger, I will tomorrow and when tomorrow comes the idea is
gone. This blog planner easily eliminates that, as the Post idea/notes have
been drawn out with a to-do list. Most times our blogs are not updated because
of us shifting up our blog post date due to procrastinated ideas, so this book
helps you pen it down before the blog date.. I’ve already started
Evaluation: I mean you can’t tell how far
you’ve achieved without evaluation. There is a data page made available monthly
to help track your development not only on your blog but also on other social
media space.

Paper Back: If you’re like me who most of
the time drawn to aesthetic designs of any sort, this book is for you. The book
comes is a hard paperback and has a fancy design that attracts.

Motivational Tidbits: some bloggers have
also shared their motivational thoughts monthly to keep you going ..

I will rate this book a 10. A first time
effort and every details taken into consideration



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