Lifestyle: How to Celebrate your Birthday in 2021

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I celebrated my birthday this weekend, and it was quaint and beautiful. A lot of you reached out to me through my various social media channels to wish me a wonderful year- a deliberate act, I consider beautiful and heartwarming.

As we continue to grow in a world where people are too self-absorbed to be considerate, or too brash to be respectful, it is important that we create methods that strengthen our boundaries.” …@t2pitchy

My third outfit change, wearing French Connection

Last year, I celebrated my birthday outdoors with colleagues and later with close family, before the health crisis upturned our society. This year, I spent my time reflecting, eating and resting, it’s my kind of birthday celebration. I am not a party organizing person and would rather spend the money eating and shopping.

So I am writing to share how to celebrate your birthday in 2021, through my lens. It may be a helpful tip for those seeking to celebrate this year, without throwing a grand event, you can read up on some of the activities I did to enjoy my birthday.

First, the celebration isn’t the most important thing I look forward to for my birthdays. It’s the well wishes for me, which carry a lot of hope and optimism. So I don’t belabor this idea, I have embedded my thoughts shared on Instagram. I also look forward to the treats I get myself, like cakes, outfits and pastries.


Lady Camellia, a wonderful English tea room that makes customizable menu’s made my pastries this year. I love how they make their pastries, less sugary but flavorful and they are affordable. Y’all know I love a good balance of these three things; quality, pricing and taste.

Also, for my birthdays I try to reflect and re-evaluate on my previous year. It’s a thorough but gratifying process, as I work through my friendship the memories I’ve created and re-stack people by their consistency. In my years of aging one important lesson I’ve learned is never to give people grace to my detriment.

Pastries from Lady Camellia

Shoe: Mistress Rocks

Dress: F21

Last year, I wrote about about “how birthdays allow us re-evaluate our lives,” the same idea holds true for me today. As we continue to grow in a world where people are too self-absorbed to be considerate, or too brash to be respectful, it is important that we create methods that strengthen your boundaries.

Outfit Details: Shoe, Aldo; Gown, Zara

At the earlier stages of my life it was difficult to enforce my boundaries because I had to depend largely on people that were toxic for me. It was when I realized that a lot of boundaries can be enforced when we attain financial independence (story for another day). Also, we just outgrow people and their toxic ways and that’s ok!

This year, I spent time basking in the euphoria of what this year will be for me and to me. It’s a lot of growth that has occurred in this physical being – from religious changes to career growth and strengthening my network. On my birthday, I ordered a little cake for myself, watched the Super Bowl

I want to say among my social media platforms, been a delight! It is important we curate our social media spaces to grow a wholesome community that can engage with us respectfully.

Speaking of respect, it’s the one thing that I love to a great measure. I try to give people the respect they deserve and hope they do the same, in the event they don’t it apparently means they don’t see me in the same light and I cut them off.

This new year, I hope to pursue more wholesome and healthy relationships, be deliberate with my conversations and veto the access people have to me. One thing I’ve learned with friendships, little consistency matters rather than grand gestures.

French Connection



  1. Abimbola
    February 10, 2021 / 2:38 pm

    Grace, you're so beautiful, and thank you for bravely sharing your life with us.
    Happy birthday again and wishing you the very best in this new year and many more to come ❤️

  2. t2pitchy
    February 10, 2021 / 4:12 pm

    Hi Abimbola,

    Thank you for taking time out to comment, and for the well wishes, your words are soothing. I hope I continue to, it's a whole world out there and we are connected in our shared experience(s).

  3. Sisi Calabar
    February 10, 2021 / 6:37 pm

    Hey Gigi, this was a lovely read my birthday is tomorrow and I have no idea of of how I wanna spend it but I know I want loadssssssssss of gifts and I’d be seeing a movie with a friend I’d be meeting for the first time(only plans I have planned out) overall I loved reading through this your cake makes me wanna drool

  4. t2pitchy
    February 10, 2021 / 11:09 pm

    Hey Beautiful, happy birthday! We Aquarius make the world an interesting place.Seeing a movie is therapeutic, I should actually add that to my birthday list for next year. Aww thanks for your wonderful comment, sending you virtual cake.