Where Imaginations Roams Free 2

today I went for the dedication of my cousin Brother and I wanted to share what I wore, and continue the piece from the last poem here and I rewore my Ankara from this post here
Therefore, if someone has all the new stuff,
and you have none of it, just remember
what is cherished most from ‘stuff’ –
and that there is still plenty of stuff in the universe
upon which to redirect
where your imagination roams;

and though the person with all that good stuff end up winning the one you love, they will both end up envying YOU when they see you are content with being in touch with what is really important, and failing to envy them. 

So I write this “Addressing the Dilemma of Envy” piece, or alternately, this “Clueing in the Clueless” piece, in a world where having the best stuff is all-important to the detriment of spending energy on more important matters 

like changing a general miserable mindset into placing more value on discovering reality, from which new threats to life can be discovered and solutions formulated to deal with them

just to mention an example that would be placed ahead of acquiring trivial things and creating envy, especially since that kind of behavior can be found among birds, and thus, by analogy, among people with bird-brains whose main purpose, it appears, is to chirp like birds over all the great stuff they have. 

So this is a thinking (if rambling) piece derived from my looking back at all the things I have seen people with, and pondering what good all that now-obsolete and out-of-fashion stuff did them; 
a piece where I place the value of imaginings over feeling good about oneself when it is based on all the great stuff one has. 

Baby Wisdom

I suppose psychologically, and part in reality,
having all sorts of great stuff is an indication of one’s virility,
and thus one’s ability to procreate and survive, and provide for others,
thereby attracting the most desirable mate –
all good goals in themselves –
but not to the point of living like animals and being blind to reality;
as for romance, it is well if it is based on something deeper,
like mutualities,
for all truly great ‘stuff’ springs from romance…



  1. Princess Audu
    September 15, 2014 / 1:47 pm

    I really like your dress, the print is so vibrant and colourful.

    Princess Audu

  2. Olivia Noel
    September 16, 2014 / 4:37 pm

    I love that dress and your style is always so effortless!