Dear Reader, my name is Grace Alex (@t2pitchy), and I am based in Washington, DC. I write candidly on fashion, lifestyle and travel events. My demographic of readers are between the ages of 25-34. My stories and writings cover and detail vintage and avant grande fashion, contemporary books, and places I visit periodically.

Fun Fact: My blog is a decade-old, with an amazing community which you can connect with in the comment section or through my newsletter.

Over the years, I have partnered with a plethora of brands to include Dorothy Perkins, Vlisco, Tag Heuer e.t.c.

 I love the idea of clothes, shoes, bag makeup, travel and view it as a girls therapeutic way of dealing with life issues. I write compelling stories for each collaboration or outfit you see on the blog. Its my way of positively impacting social change with my current status. I hope you enjoy reading, and you can always reach out through the contact box on the home page.