So its been a while on the Beauty segment of the blog, and I decided today to share my recipe of my not so flawless face, my Aloe Vera Therapy

little story: My face reacts pretty much over everything, from pressure, to soap and even makeup, and then I have this rashes on my skin that is inevitable when it decides to break out. This particularly isn’t just a pleasant sight, its like mini demons stuck on your face and if not taken care of can become Horns(Hyperbole)
sorry this picture was taken randomly, no makeup to drive home the fact that my face isn’t spotless after all
well I take face issues seriously more than I do my clothes, so I decided to find a natural Recipe
normally when breakouts like this occur, there is advice left right center, and I say different stroke for different folks, stick to what you know

I use mine when I have a day off work or before I go to bed, as usual, wash your face, before you apply and wake up in the morning looking flawless… this works like magic for me..I’ll love to call myself a herbalist in this area

Do not allow the liquid touch your mouth if you repel anything bitter (ALOMO) asides that this is a great recipe

my face was a lot worse than the above picture taken, but that is it now, wont be deceiving, anyone with a more better side of me….leave your feedbacks….love you  


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  1. Life's a shoe
    November 4, 2014 / 5:56 am

    I always hear such fabulous things about the properties of Aloe vera, I hear its good for the hair too!