I just do my best to be the best version of myself __Igee Okafor

Name: Igwedinma Okafor

Age: 20

Country: United States

Career: Style

Igee Okafor
Style Enthusiast
Nick Wooster

Tell us a
bit about how your blog started and what its about:

idea of starting a blog was something that I came up with around my tenth grade
year in high school. As far as I can remember, that was when I really took up
personal style as an interest. At that time, I was in the stages of trying to
individualize myself and when I would check the internet for references to give
me a sense of direction, I found that the outlets for men’s fashion and men’s
blogs were very limited. I just knew that I wanted to start a blog to help
change that but it just remained an idea. In the summer of 2013, I was
approached by an African female blogger who gave me the opportunity to be a
contributing author for the men’s section of her blog. It was a learning
experience as it helped improve my writing and visual skills. I started to pick
up on quality. However, due to time and distance reasons, l was unable to
continue with her. I had plans to start my own blog but I wanted a partner. I
was also struggling with blog names and content. At the time, popular bloggers
weren’t using their own names for their blog titles so I wanted to follow in
their light and that held things back from taking off. Around February 2014, my
mom encouraged me to do it on my own and that was it for me. I was not fully
sure what my content was going to be but I wanted to go for it, which also
resulted, to me deciding to use my name for the title. I launched the blog in
March 2014 and since then, it has gone through various changes for the good.
The purpose of the blog is to give males across the world a sense of variety
and identity as it pertains to the lifestyle most of us want to live.

Biggest challenge of being a blogger?

Everything is a challenge. Maintaining
an audience, double checking writing tones, brainstorming photo shoot
locations, Making sure you stick to timetables for blog posts on top of your
personal schedule, promoting the blog and the list goes on but from what I have
observed from some bloggers, I would say that dedication is the biggest

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about
blogging is getting to showcase my take on a particular subject and getting to
teach people in the process.


You have a cool way of defining your style and they stand out
how did you master that art?

Thank you. When I put
clothes together, standing out is not something I usually focus on. I just do
my best to be the best version of myself in the best way I can. That has come
from years of experimenting and trying different styles. Knowing what works and
being humble enough to acknowledge when I tried something that did not.

How did your environment change how you saw fashion in regards
to men fashion in particular?

Before moving to New York,
I thought I had a very decent idea of what fashion was. When I moved to New York,
I was exposed to a variety of culture and status. Here, you see different
characters everyday. Characters who sometimes serve, as inspiration because of
the quality of their presentation and that was when it clicked. Fashion is

One wardrobe item piece you have that you think is timeless.

My Constantin Vacheron
Wrist Watch.

 Favorite designer?

I do not have any
favorites. I adore most of the working designers in the industry but I will
say, I love what Dean and Dan Caten does for men.

What is your favorite trend this season for males?

I do not really follow
trends but from attending this past New York Fashion Week, I noticed more men
are taking advantage of bold prints and color. That makes me happy.

Fun fact about you

I love Morgan Stewart from
the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Any upcoming projects?

You never know, You will
just have to stay tuned.

Your fashion rule/advice?

Always be yourself but do
not be oblivious to constructive criticism and growth.



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