If there was a trend that gave a shocking comeback this season, I’ll have to admit is the Fringe trend. I mean this fashion items recycling can entice one to become a hoarder, which isn’t healthy. by the way I love the bag pictured above…

 but the good thing about this trend is the creativity that has been attaches to this style. my mum absolutely wont let me leave the house with this and you will know why towards the end of this write up
 so since, its become a trend I decided to do fun ways you can wear your fringe, the jacket style has to be my current favorite

you know I spoke earlier on how my mum do not think this is a great style, because masquerades wear Fringe  and this is the probability of what you would look like if not styled properly
we also have the ethnic cute version, this is more like me… I hope you enjoyed the notes made, would try to do more updates on issues like this….


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