Sometimes I can only thank God for the way these headings come, I emphasize that at every given time I remember, I wonder how fellow bloggers do it, because it’s not so easy, Happy Boxing day, I didn’t get any gift but I’m grateful that God sent his son to die for me

Anyways, I’m trying to perfect my skills at sewing
and one of the key things is being patient and try over and over again, which I’m
not so good at, however I got to make this trouser and top recently and the
print had so many colors like that of Joseph in the Bible and so came the

What are your thoughts on it?


  1. Princess Audu
    December 26, 2014 / 9:50 am

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  2. Dara
    December 27, 2014 / 5:00 am

    You made this top?! Love it, and the title perfectly describes it.

  3. Cheri
    December 27, 2014 / 6:56 am

    Beautiful heading & Outfit! The Vibrant colors suit your personality & energy … Brilliant! Makeup is always on point & that Infectious Smile warms/makes my day Better!

    For a girl that says "I'm not so good at" it looks Fabulous & Expensive to me! I can't sew, but you are modest!

    Sorry you didn't receive a gift, but Thrilled you know the meaning of why we celebrate His birth … that's the Real Gift! 🙂

    Thank you for the Prayers & the Love! I pray for you too Sis! Take Care, Keep the Faith and Have a Tremendous Day Grace! 🙂

  4. Unknown
    December 28, 2014 / 3:55 am

    Love the top paired with the white shorts! So cute. And omg you're so right! Coming up with blog titles takes the most time!

    Aniekeme for TFLA