There is urgency to have everything all figured out__DENOLA GREY

meet Denola, Men’s wear blogger stylist, a funny personality and I had the great pleasure of having him feature on todays Episode of Feature Friday

Bio-Data Details
Denola Grey, 24-years
old. August 13th

sites link
|| Instagram- @denolagrey || Website :

An introduction?

am a men’s style enthusiast and a media personality mainly focused on men’s
fashion and lifestyle. Studied Media Business in college> Worked in fashion
PR in New York City briefly

How you’ve matched up your profession with blogging

website came first and through the blog section, more media attention came
which has led to A few television gigs

overview of the Nigerian Fashion industry

think the Nigerian Fashion industry is one of the most visible in Africa. There
is a lot of talent here and over the past decade has seen tremendous growth. There
is still a need for more investment to help breed the talent, but it is still
on a rise for sure.

What inspired being a blogger?

Just a Blogger) – Blog section was to document my outfits. The website was
created because I was a fashion freelancer and it was a great way for people to
see what I was about

Earlier challenges / how you
overcame them

haven’t really faced challenges with I think I face similar
challenges every 20-something faces. There is urgency to have everything all
figured out and set in stone, but I chose to keep my head down and do what
comes naturally to me. So far that has worked in my favor

Your little worry about the blogosphere

one that documents their life online has a fear that some of it could be taken
out of context and used to paint a whole picture of what people think you are.
On the other hand my main concern is how to make it a viable business.

Favorite lesson blogging has thought

do it for the views. DO it because it’s organic and seamless and it’s exactly
what you feel strongly about putting out there.

 General Interest / favorite wardrobe piece
really interested in Men’s fashion, the different aspects of it. It has
numerous genres kind of like music. Some of it is street or urban some of it is
preppy; some of it is extremely preppy. I love that you can intermix and create
something unique to your personality. Favorite wardrobe piece

probably be a tie or a bowtie. It really ties an outfit together (pun intended)

 What outfit we cannot catch you in?

Especially hoodies/sweatpants

Fun facts about you

never seen the Godfather. I love watching comedies. I’m terribly obsessed with Maryland
cookies (the coconut ones). I never use the same fragrance twice. My idea of a
good time is a night out at a bar (not club) with friends, beer and chicken

 Advice to those trying to take a cue from you-

is very imperative that you remain true to yourself. Especially in this digital
age where we easily have access to other people’s lives, we aim to be just like
other people. Why be like others? They are already taken. The moment you are
yourself 24/7 amazing things start to happen.



  1. Princess Audu
    February 27, 2015 / 11:25 am

    Nice interview, the last and first look are my favourite. Nice interview, I love what he said about blogging for the love of it and not simply for the stat.

    Princess Audu

  2. Unknown
    February 27, 2015 / 5:51 pm

    I watched a snippet of his interview with pulseng and he said he is 20 not 24.. Oh well great post btw I really love his style.

  3. Cheri
    February 28, 2015 / 7:58 am

    Another Great Interview of a deserving Handsome guy with Fab Style!

    Take note that we Appreciate the Superb Work you treat us to!

    Take Care! God Bless! Wishing you a Fantastic Day! 🙂

  4. Unknown
    February 28, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    'Remain true to yourself' so real! It's easy to get carried away by the industry and the blogosphere and begin to change before you even know it.
    Love Denola's style too !

    Aniekeme for TFLA

  5. Paul Ebiala
    October 22, 2015 / 3:10 pm

    Really interesting interview