Recently I’ve gotten gift items from companies such as DAVOGIZVLISCOJUMIA and I love them all, so I’ll share that as my new in for the month. I was lucky enough to get a gift voucher from jumbo and it gave me the opportunity to pick out what I wanted and the styling will be coming up soon.
I realized that shopping on a budget from Jumia online needed more skills than walking into a store to pick out an outfit.

First: you have to have an idea in mind of what you want to get, because just buying anything at all may have you end up picking what you won’t like. This is the best time to get an item removed from your wish list and for me it was the Dolcis Fringe shoe

Secondly: Review products that are trending and see if you’ll love to have that in your wardrobe, this could either be items from season trends or an item to make your wardrobe standout, this can be an opportunity to try on something different, like adding colors, I chose an orange JML wide leg pants

Lastly: get something comfortable, a top a jeans something, that would be versatile and would go well with any occasion, if you put a perfect twist to the outfit, I got the Missi Long sleeve swing dress
I also got a green print gown from davogiz
 and an ankle length black and white heel
and this lovely Vlisco wax which I intent to make an outfit with