Hello Everyone, so I’ve been getting this request to do a review on how I shop from Aliexpress without getting scammed, I’ll just tell you a bit of my experience and you get to do the deciding.
So, when I got introduced to this sight early last year ALIEXPRESS I was a bit skeptical, but then the first advice was given to me.  I recently purchased these pair of sunglasses from the same site so, I’ll use it as my reference point.

1. IDENTIFY A PRODUCT WITH A GREAT REVIEW: Firstly, when you want to get lets say one of these sunglasses below from this site HERE,  you firstly have to find reviews of people giving positive remarks about the product which include quality, with picture images, and also delivery time frame

2. GET AN ACCOUNT THAT ALLOWS YOU SHOP ONLINE WITH YOUR VISA OR MASTER CARD. you have to have an account that gives you access to shop online with your visa or master card

3. SET UP A PROFILE JUST AS YOU WOULD DO WITH JUMIA, KONGA OR ANY SHOPPING SITE.  set up a profile that gives information on where the product or item would be delivered to with a correct phone number and postal code, this will help you to be able to access your goods when it arrives either to pick it up from a post office or from your home.

4. MAKE ORDER: You can now make an order for the item, after you’re sure about the reviews you got from other customers.

5. THERE ARE OPTIONS TO DELIVER WITH A FREE COURIER SERVICE USING CHINA MAIL:  after ordering this product you have an option about the courier service that would deliver this item and they would make you know if its free or not, I love to use the free one just so you know.. but this as its advantages which would be stated below

6. IF YOU HAVE THE EXPENSE TO COVER USING DHL WHICH TAKES JUST THREE DAYS THEN YOU CAN: If you are not so patient with the free delivery service then you can use DHL (which could cost as high as $100 for a product that is just $4) OR EMS ..

7.  FOLLOW WITH YOUR TRACKING DEVICE: A tracking device is sent to you after you’ve paid for your item and the bank has sent you an email to verify withdrawal. It should look something like this RJ556477466CN which you can use to track your item HERE

8. DELIVERY IS AT HOUSE ADDRESS PUT UP OR YOU CAN PICK UP AT CLOSEST NIPOST OFFICE: This is the main reason your profile was set up, to help you access your product when it arrives and you can know when it has arrived the post office or your home by your tracker number or a phone call from a Nipost Officer.

One of the Advantages of shopping aliexpress, expecially for a blogger like me, you get to access products you can’t get from the Nigerian brand market at a cheaper price and a close good quality. this is because the US or UK market tend to have higher shipping and price tag to their products.

AliExpress gives you opportunity to open a dispute platform if for any reason your product didn’t get to you.

you may not get the best quality for the product you ordered for, I mean its not the real deal na, if you have enough just shop from stores like ASOS or H&M that ships to Nigeria.

Secondly the item might take 15- 60 working days before it arrives, but mine only takes as long as 17 days, so you just got to be patient…

I hope this helps and hopefully I did a good Job, you can send me a mail on reviews you think i should do and if I can I’ll definitely make time for it

Link to purchase the above sunglasses HERE



  1. Anonymous
    August 6, 2015 / 10:55 am

    Very helpful post Grace. Thank you. Could you please help with a link to the last pair of glasses.

  2. Anonymous
    August 6, 2015 / 4:57 pm

    Oops! Just saw the link in the post. Thanks ��

  3. Toyin Oginni
    October 17, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    Thank you grace. I also have some reviews on Tech here >>>