Lagos Fashion week has come and gone and it was a wonderful experience except for the obvious glitches every Nigerian event would have had, like giving importance to individuals because of wealth or fame and not actual skills of being there. I also regretted not taking a photo at Kelechi Amadi photo boot set up!!
As usual I had my retro style and kept it simple, sometimes I think in Nigeria we try too hard while fashion is exotic, its also an enjoyable creative process that comes without stress, which is why I love Akin Faminu of his style always tries to transcend home and is definitely relatable, always kills it when it comes to his style.

So lets talk about the runway designs I think made it to my good books, I really won’t write those who flopped, cant be in anyones bad book yet, but I know Dee Mako a fellow blogger who is fearless would. I took over bellanaija style and shared updates from there which if you follow me on instagram you would have noticed. 
1. Style temple: An Abuja based designer, she brought something different to the table, detailed beading and shimmers and also the use of neutrals with the right fabric although some of the pieces on the runway could be paired better.
2) Belois Couture:  I really liked the easy to wear collection was wearable, which isn’t what we’ve always seen with designers in our clime
3. T.i Nathan: I super loved this collection especially the male outfits, something of street hip hop, fresh prince vibes. and with our young generation yearning for more western influence in their outfits, this was top notch, I really think that this year the male models had it good with their choice of outfit and it was more creative and out of the box The idea of a Texas hat with a mafia material and tassels, nobody expected it, that gave a serious edge to the collection as the models walked down the runway. Tassels are going to be a huge trend in 2017
Onalaja: I’m not a fan of embroideries, especially when its on heavy material, but I also loved the unison on the color scheme that waled the runway and the embroidery used gave a perfect finish, I’m also excited that the finishing and details where put into consideration, no rumples or squeeze just perfect, she made it to my top list of day one
Sisiano: In a world full of imitation, I think this collection stood out especially with the transcending color scheme, I’m a fan of unison and when a collection is neither here or there with theirs then its a problem. I also loved the fact that the materials used fit into the style it was used for, a lot of fringe and gathers, which I see to be a trend to watch out for, however the added accessory around the neck was a bit bothering and annoying and I really cant tell why that was attached, because it almost is an unrealistic look to go by.
Vlisco: Every designer who showed for vlisco, from Lanre Da Silva, Loza, and Elie Kwame all did a fantastic job, but I think Elie Kwame gave a different futuristic vibe to his collection, very artistic yet wearable to those who would relate.
this outfit was a killer for me, what are your thoughts on day one? and which designer was your favorite?

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