Hello fam, y’all know that most times I’m all about being positive, but this is serious girl shamming. Recently I came across this article on a site about the just concluded fashion week and how bloggers where exempted and it turned out to be because of the kind of clothes they wear. Guess what it was written by a lady, a fellow blogger, her reason was that thrift bloggers don’t have a clear chance of creating influence in the industry, because their outfits don’t fit the cliche standards, they’ve set. Although I took a personal approach on my IG page and made it seem like the rant was about me, in all honesty it wasn’t. I was really heart broken that someone felt they had a wield of influence to bully and sham people, who have found ways of becoming who they want to be and worse to see it was a woman in our fold.

So to all the ladies out there your dreams are valid, with or without whatever your situation may be and yea someone always has your back and would speak up when necessary ….😚😚😚😚



  1. Seyi
    November 21, 2016 / 10:58 am

    It's so sad how competitive and mean people get when it comes to blogging. Thank you for speaking up on this. You look gorge btw!