I know I have done a little review on this product Peek-a- mink lashes an Abuja based beauty lashes line, but i felt i didn’t do much justice to it. A made in Nigeria product, I was particularly drawn to the packaging and the nice customer service. A month has gone by since I got this lashes and unlike others I use like 3 times and would have to get another one, this has just remained the same, in the volume and strength it came in.

The price is also friendly considering the length of time its going to serve you, a pair cost N3,000 and this product could last you for an average of three months even if you use it daily. Thats how good and hyped I am over this, I’m glad our generation isn’t taking creativity and excellence for granted.I’ll give it a five star out of five, because they didn’t leave out any detail in this one. Have you used their product what do you think and if you haven’t you can purchase HERE 
what are your thoughts?