Planners especially journal looking ones have been in existence for quite a while but not until recently have they taken an entire new creative turn thanks to some bloggers giving it a spin.

Cassie Daves a fashion blogger curates the cassiedaves blog planner and Dee Mako a style blogger curates the life planner. Recently I’ve heard a lot of people compare the two planners and have decided to  do a review on both.

I’ll like to say that these planners are two worlds apart they’re planners and that’s the only thing they have in common. one is  a blog planner and the other a life planner, so each is needed, I for one can’t do without the other. 

Lets start with the features of the Blog planner 

The fisrt two pages in an introduction into your blog that guides you as to what you do, who you want to reach, what you hope to achieve and how you intend to and also goals for the year. as usual every planner has a calendar portion.

The other page allows you to draft out your blogging goals for the month, post ideas and notes, a to do list ( because sometimes I mix up my ideas as to how I want them arranged on the blog but this will help you to be more purposeful about it) 

other pages gives you spaces to write down if you intend on having a guest on the blog, partnership, what contents you intend to shoot for the blog, and how that has helped to boost your statistics for the month across all your social handles. There is also a portion for earnings and expenses blog related.

There are also quotes from bloggers to keep whoever has a copy cheered on for that month, I do have one for the month of July 

At the back is blog topic and ideas (this helped me a lot this year, a lot of times the pack page was always a referral to most of the blog topics here, giving me little hints)  and tools for blogging especially in photo editing, can be found there,  which is really important especially for a beginner. 


According to DEE this is intended to serve as a life planner for the year.

The pages opens to a calender page then goals and objectives for 2017 ranging from financial, career, spiritual, personal, visions and overall goals. Then a space dedicated to special date and a plain image that allows you to color it to life(this I think is such a brilliant idea).

Contact log is next and another color page  

The next page is dedicated to quotes for the month  and just besides it is your monthly goals, rewards for it (which I saw as really interesting and a new one) a to do list and a don’t forget (as an addict procrastinator in my daily activities this will come in handy)

Few pages are then dedicated Weekly goals for the month and the next two pages are more financial as to salary, interest, extra income, bills and expenses. The next page is an evaluation of your activities at the end of the month and things to continue or drop what worked and what didn’t and there is the page of what you’re thankful for  

With this I only feel that both is needed and if you have enough funds as each are at the same range N5,000 if you’re a blogger the cassie daves blog planner is essential and if you’re such a slob in keeping track of yourself in the year the HDHQ planner is essential 

what do y’all think have you bought yours yet?



  1. Mary
    December 22, 2016 / 7:34 pm

    I'm a sucker for planners really. Haven't used any of these but I'll like to know how good the quality is, thick and clean white pages that don't rip easily. Dee Mako's blog planner looks more of my style, I'll probably get it.

    • Dee Mako
      January 10, 2017 / 12:14 pm

      thank you.

  2. Ediyefunk
    December 31, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    I totally love the second planner you reviewed! Holy cow! It is totally brilliant and gives a while new meaning to the regular dairies we used to see back in the day! I would totally be up for buying that one. I never keep up with plans and this happens when I write them down. But this life planner just changed the game!!!! How can I place an order?