Hello Fam, its been long I did a food review, probably because I am not good at it or because when I find a place I love I stick to it. So on Valentines day I went searching for a Native bukka, where I could eat freshly made African food, and stumbled at this wonderful Native bukka in Maitama Usman street Off Gana cresent opposite  FIRS. Honestly the ambience was beautiful and quiet and also artistic a lot of ethnic efforts was put into making the place a beautiful showmanship.

So I decided to eat Oakro soup which I really do not like to start with, but I was pleasantly surprised, lol this Oakro soup went to America and came to be, it was all sorts of sea food assorted, snails, prawns you name it….hahaha. well what is a review without the price range, honestly I’m so sad I forgot to take a photo of their menu, but most of their food where from 700-2,500 and my Oakro soup cost N2,5000

My Disappointment:
If you follow my IG stories you’ll probably have seen my rant, about how I had requested for Pounded yam and got Pando yam… nothing more displeasing as I love to chew my swallow and the disappointment of tasting processed wheat almost made me give them 2/10 on my review slate, but because they apologised I’ll rate it a 6/10 but the soup was spot on … 

Let me know would you visit, and if you do let me know your experience and do you have restaurants you would want an honest opinion of ? also should I do more sites to visit in Abuja? xoxo


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