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Hello loves, so today I’m doing a post based on a readers suggestion, y’all should keep it coming I read them and try to respond immediately so send your suggestions.

Fashion has always been considered a luxury industry for a long time, it still is but then there are people like us on a budget.
One of the struggles this reader wanted me to address was how she could get comfortable with her style since she’s been told they look outdated and she has decided to change her wardrobe to fit in. Honestly I’ve been there, I think somehow I haven’t come out of that face yet but its a bit better because I still know my style doesn’t conform even though I switch it up a bit. I was able to overcome this by owning who I was and what was the worst that could happen (beat me) well since that wasn’t happening I continued in my unusual dress manner and at the end of my studies I won best dressed (yea today I gave testimony).

So people should be able to own their style whether they are hand me downs like HERE or Thrift items like HER as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable at it, no one should bully you off i.

Back to the topic of discussion, I’ll love to give few tips on how to manage your finance and still look fashionable:

Draft out a Season List: what are the trends you are into for each season, that you consider good enough to have your penny, put them down, draft out a budget and gradually tick them off the list.

Invest in wardrobe staples that can be re-worn without shame: we have that item that we wear with everything all the time and no one pays us mind an example white shirt, black skirt, black pumps, that one hand bag (no one is going to judge you.

Thrift: Although I can afford pieces off the runway(humbly) I still choose to thrift. This means isn’t only affordable but unique and lucky enough at thrift markets you can find trends of seasons at thrift market and that makes blending in with your style easy. it also shows how creative you can be with picking pieces. The outfits worn in this post are all thrift except my hair bandana and they went for way less than the actual price.

Invest in Timeless Staples: This might be hard and something I’m not in the habit of, I think its advisable. you can save up for 6-12 months or more depends on your income, for that one item you’ll be grateful you have. e.g Wanger Ayu , Zashaudu, Daniel wellington etc

Collaborate: Lucky enough, I’ve had lots of them and these days clothes are not my main focus, but I advise that you collaborate with fashion brands and if they see you’re doing a good job you get more referrals and that translates to more items which you necessarily would have bought

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  1. Princess Audu
    April 28, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    Yay to the return of more writeup posts. Tips on point. I concur with investing in closet staples which can only be done when one really knows and understands his or her style. Also thrifting for the win always, I will be exploring those markets you listed very soon.

    Princess Audu 

  2. Natalie Da Silva
    April 29, 2017 / 1:24 pm

    Loved reading! Such a pretty outfit too 🙂

  3. Unknown
    May 1, 2017 / 8:46 am

    Nice read.
    I love the tips. Noticed you're being more consistent lately. That's good

  4. Unknown
    May 4, 2017 / 8:32 pm

    Wardrobe staples and timeless pieces for me. I can wear and re-wear without anyone noticing. And they are such easy ways to look super stylish and not go bankrupt.