I started the habit of taking stock for the month HERE and I love it because I barely update my physical diary and it gives me an opportunity to share another side of my life with y’all. Hope everyone is great:

Making: I have so much I’m doing and I’m making time to read and learn to write, its sad that I’m actually not confident in these areas of my life and I feel my IQ has gone really low…do you guys have solutions to this??

Drinking: I’m back to my bad habits of coke and then Chi exotic is always there when I’m moody and who goes on in life without water?

Reading: Against the run of play, by Olusegun Adeniyi I can get y’all a signed copy for N5,000 which is still the same as the bookstore price hit me up by mail

 Listening: I believe in you by Hillsong I’m going through a lot right now and the song has been my calm 

Wasting: Time on a lot of things, there should be a cure for procrastination.

Achieving: I’m learning not to worry bit by bit. This is really hard for me as I have a lot of things on my plate. I’m also learning to write down my vision because it is kind of cool

Enjoying: Gods love, and knowing that y’all love me too. My families love is also great.

Loving: My white court shoes, that have been on my list for so long Clinique Chubby stick foundation and Adaoragems earrings.

when the naira to a dollar will be 170 please

Noticing That your online followers does  not necessarily translate to real love, but there are genuine people among the folks.

love, life, growth and self development and when Nigeria will experience real growth

Feeling: sober and cant explain why .

Please I started my Go fund and it will be great if you can contribute to this season of my life