Lagos Fashion week starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait to follow the updates via hashtags. Last year was my first time too at Lagos Fashion week see HERE and HERE I was too lazy to upload the remaining pictures and post, but it was really a nice moment. As all first moments should be, I didn’t know what to expect and the amount of slay I was going to see, but I went there for one purpose to see new collections and support my friends HERE and designers from Abuja who where presenting at the week. 

For a first timer, there are a few things to know to conquer your fear of fashion week and not be miserable and I’ve mentioned a few hack tips below.

GET A FRIEND TO SQUAT WITH ON THE ISLAND: This may sound funny, but its real especially if you are coming from another state, you really cant anticipate the traffic leading to the venue. I had a very good friend of mine house me for the weekend and she saved me a lot of hotel fee. If not you can pair with some friends and y’all pay for a room so that the expenses isn’t covered by just you and you’ll be fine.

COLLABORATE WITH BRANDS: If you know you’ll do justice to a brands cloth and dont have money to buy to slay that day, just collaborate. Fashion week is when everyone is looking out for who wears what lol, so you can get small brands that are not known and style their pieces accordingly help them get on the radar.

HAVE MONEY FOR FOOD: If you’re like me that like to eat for Africa, but won’t add weight just have cash for food. Food is rare at fashion week and you don’t want to die because they never keep to time on when they are to start their events.

DRESS COMFORTABLY BUT UNIQUE : I know everyone wants to show their power that day, but dress with what you can afford and what you can feel comfortable in. I did that most of last year although I had a white hair, which made people think I was mad, but I wanted to stand out and I didn’t regret my choice.

UBER IF YOU HAVE MONEY/ OR DO SO IN GROUPS IF YOU DON’T: Lagos is safe but not too safe, and considering the time fashion week ends daily, my best bet is take an uber if you didn’t drive and if that’s too expensive because it is then pair up with some group of people to make it cost less.

GO FOR THE RUNWAY PRESENTATION: I went to Lagos fashion week last year to see the runway presentation, you will have moments that will want to make you drag your wig or take off your jacket, haha because Lagos can be extra, but stick to your plan, and you will be fine. I enjoyed Lisa folawiyo’s presentation last year, Mai Atafo too and Orange Culture, StylebyOG, and a lot of other designers who showed. Nigeria is really setting the pace in the African continent when it comes to fashion

ARRIVE EARLY BUT HAVE A BACK UP PLAN: If you need your pictures taken, and you want to make it to the press, go early, but after that you’ll become a wanderer except you have plans with your  friends then you won’t be so bored. This is because the main event never starts at the time intended and then they have this room where only the rich and famous gets in and that just spoils your mood.

DON’T CRY FOR THE FRONT ROW IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING PICTURES: You will buy VIP to sit in front and the organizers will have other plans for you, this is definitely just annoying, but then if you are not there for the pictures, like I was last year, then there is no need sit wherever and make sure your view of whatever happens in front isn’t blurry, enjoy the drama from behind because there will be lots and lots of it…

EXPECT NOTHING ENJOY EVERYTHING: go to fashion week without high expectations, it shall be crumbled. hahah so go with an open mind and whatever events or happenings shape fashion week, e.g the celebrities, those bloggers you only see on the gram, but get to see them real time, the models that are high end, just enjoy document and be happy.

MAKE FRIENDS: I made a lot of friends last year, some from my followers and others where models, some friendships lasted as long as the fashion week, some I’ve kept till now.

As an aside, dont feel inferior to anyone, y’all are breathing the same Lagos air at that moment. I hope you enjoyed my hacks and tips what do you recommend for fashion week?


shoe: Desire1709fashion/IG
Hair: Crotchetextensions/IG
Gown: O.N.Eclothing /IG



  1. Ayanimeh
    October 10, 2018 / 10:37 am

    Grace you are a Godsend for redirecting us to the post. Thank you

    • Grace Alex
      October 10, 2018 / 2:57 pm

      This made me so happy. Love you