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Today I’m featuring my all round sweet girl, a wonderful creative and you can tell she is just a peaceful human MOSSONYI  is a self taught fashion photographer based in Manchester, UK.
Originally from Nigeria, “I moved to the UK to advance my career as a
chartered accountant. I later discovered my passion for photography
which led to the creation of my blog  currently run the blog  with my husband Craig and together we create fashion, lifestyle and travel content”.

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“Push yourself over the limit consistently and do this as often as you can until it becomes a natural part of your process”… Tweet this

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I maintain consistency with my work. The simple answer for me would be setting daily goals and achieving them. Everyone has goals they’re trying to achieve, but in order to reach these goals, steps needs to be taken. I break down these steps into daily targets. One of them involves shooting everyday. As that’s how I get to improve on my creative and photography skills which I believe are the ultimate tools that will drive my success in the industry.

I’ve come across a few influencers who talk about being intentional with their content. I for one agree with the concept because you don’t just want to put just anything out there. The way I go about this is by implementing the good old business strategy. 

Setting creative goals
Creativity is not something that comes naturally for everyone. I feel like I’m one of the lucky few who happen to have a creative eye. The good news is that it’s definitely a skill that can be acquired. If you’re considering setting creative goals, then you’re definitely on the right path because it means you are trying to be intentional about it. 

To develop this skill, you have to operate outside your comfort zone. Push yourself over the limit consistently and do this as often as you can until it becomes a natural part of your process.

When setting goals, I am very specific. I usually come up with projects that I feel would help bring out my creativity. This tends to involve proposing campaign ideas to brands and collaborating with other influencers to create unique content. 

The Analysis
I tend to review my current performance to objectively understand my current position. This would involve things like current projects, the amount of content I’m creating on all social platforms, my level of consistency, social media engagement and more. 

In doing so, I’m able to identify patterns. I then analyse these patterns to see if they’ll lead to accomplishing my goals which then leads to my next consideration.

  “it is better
to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have one and
not be prepared”… Tweet this

The plan

have to put steps in place to help me achieve my creative goals. I do
this by getting rid of processes that do not help my creative position.
This could be turning down collaborations that are not in line with my
brand or only choosing to work with certain brands.
seeking inspiration from other creatives is a must here. I tend to
watch photography documentaries and follow social media accounts that
inspire me.
is where I also set daily tasks such as shooting everyday, engaging
with my core audience and creating content for my platforms. In doing
so, it makes me prepared for even bigger projects as I already put in
the work everyday which is very reminiscent of the saying “it is better
to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have one and
not be prepared”.

I have a strategy in place, content creation becomes a lot easier.
Before creating any piece of work, it has to pass the strategy test. The
key question is how it aligns with my goals. If I can come up with one
reason, then it’s good enough for me because adopting a strategy with
specificity has weeded out irrelevant goals.