Hello loves, I am trying to be consistent this month and one of my favorite open diary session is my Breakfast thoughts that I do at whim see here
I wrote a piece the last time on social media and fake friendships see here and the truth is sometimes there are people you come across that become an exception and prove to you that social media is indeed a great place to meet people who can help you in the pursuit of life goals. 
I have had struggles in creating outfit contents for my page since I moved to DC and posted about this here and Debby decided she was going to help. 
This is not the first time someone would volunteer to help me take pictures so I was a bit skeptical about it. But when we finally got to schedule a time, she drove and came through.
Friendship is beautiful especially when it is a healthy one and there are no hidden intentions towards each other. “two heads are always better than one and we exist not to be alone”
In this time and age where everyone is only looking out for themselves it is great seeing someone be selfless. 
On another note, I made Nigerian meat pie and one day I will come around making videos but until then Youtube is usually a great tutorial tool and blogs too because they give you accurate text. Also, I made my meat pie without flour and it came out fine, debbie loved it too. 


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  1. Debi
    April 9, 2018 / 12:42 am

    It was soooooo nice meeting you fashionista! Can’t wait for round 2 lolll 💕