Someone on Instagram suggested I do a full post on today’s topic regarding depression. The past few weeks have been daunting, from looking for a house to move into, paid internship positions, my school grades etc. this made me sad.
  Although I did not do badly at my grades, I had a lower score in a particular course that I expected more from considering the amount of work I put into it. As a Nigerian girl, I got so sad, then other thoughts started clouding my mind and before you know it, I was in this dark space. I did not like where  I was and that prompted my post on Instagram. However, I am working hard to be happy, so I will share with y’all a few things I have done that are less harmful and might help those with mental health issues too.

1) I called my sister: This time not to tell her about my problems but to listen to her talk about life and me see if there was a way I could chip in some advice. I am older than my sister and so talking to her made me feel a bit better because I won’t be judged and she looks up to me in many ways. So after our conversation, she told me how proud she was about all I do and I should feel better. I did feel a bit better after our conversation.

2) Edit photos: Editing pictures take a lot of my time and thinking space, and when I do so, I tend to forget a lot about my present worries and by the time I am done, I am exhausted and just go to sleep. This skill that is editing pictures, helps. Find what you are passionate about that is not too tasking, because photo editing isn’t and take your mind off your worries.

3) Cook: The one thing that has been consistent with me is cooking. I love to cook and whenever I am having my down moment, I am either having loss of appetite or much of it. So I bake or make stew, just any meal to take my mind off things and I start to eat and cry myself to sleep.

4) Cry: I cry a lot, it is believed that tears have a way of cleaning out the mess we feel in our heart to allow us to feel less heavy. So yes, let your tears heal your broken heart.

5) I pray: I do say silent prayers to God because I cannot handle the pressure my thought brings. Whenever I say a prayer, I believe someone is listening and taking care of things on my behalf.

What are other chill ways you recommend?



  1. Lucy
    May 28, 2018 / 9:08 am

    Hi Grace… i really love ur blog- i'm one of those consistent but silent readers. haha. i totally agree wit you on crying tho. i cry like a lot. it helps to get things off my mind and chest. and praying too. just the thought of God always looking out for me brings enough peace to my mind.
    keep doing what u love…

    • Grace Alex
      July 30, 2018 / 6:58 am

      Thank you so much