I had written this blog post at the end of August!!!

Like all good things that have an end, so does summer. Over 90 days of being idle, (I could swear to myself that I did not envision) this summer, as I failed to bag any meaningful internship position. As a Nigerian, this has a familiar taste in regards to how impossible it is to succeed in a work environment with no connections. However, finding a similar or more dire situation in America took me by surprise.

    I started to apply for internships way before spring school season was over (which made me question the faith I had with God) and by the end of June and mid-July, I realised how much time had passed. There was no need to apply for more internships and time to resign to my fate, well not without a plan on how I intend to spend my idle time.

    As you all know I run a blog and this had to be my lender of last resort, I was going to invest my time in learning to write, reading books, and how to edit better pictures (I want to say at the end, I am pleased with how things turned out). I improved a great deal in my writing ( although not where I need it to be), I also realised what I needed, in regards to my photography and edit (by creating a few presets). I Started in a few JavaScript class ( which I didn’t continue) a disappointment on my part because I felt the need to be pushed. I read more books this holiday, finished one started five namely (Business as a calling, A tribe called bliss, Passport of Mallam Illia, 32 ways to be a champion in business, Captive Enchantress, The Subtle Art of not giving a F**k).

    The feeling of disappointment I had at the start of summer has reversed (not so much) to me being grateful. I traveled twice this summer, slept a lot which is something adulthood steals away from you. Somehow I have a feeling that God wanted me to cherish these moments because I might not have it again (except for honeymoon).
    So as summer ends as all good things must, I no longer have a crux to settle with God, rather than to listen and understand his decisions for my life. These decisions may not come with easy acceptance on my part but have a great ending. Also, school has begun and assignments have already come down like a whirlwind and I’m still unemployed.


 I got my outfit from a thrift store in DC and same with my accessories. Styled here 



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