Toni Morrison passed away on August 5, 2019, at the age of 88. A Pulitzer prize winner, a Nobel laureate and the accolades go on…Unlike other authors whose works were published in their early years, her work “the bluest eye” was published in 1970 when she was almost 40.

 There are many variations to who Toni Morrison was, but I liked the side of her that was unapologetically woman and black. She was flung into limelight for her first work the “Bluest eye” which was published in 1970. Following the accolades, Toni’s work will receive harsh criticisms for its tone, it’s celebration of women, and also for pointing out black oppression.
      However, Toni did not waver her in her style of writing with her other works that followed like “songs of Solomon, or “beloved” which towed similar literary style unapologetically. All of this knowledge I now know about her, came after she died.

 After her death, I began to engross myself in various interviews she granted; I do this to every time a notable person passes. Toni would never stutter, although she drew deep breaths at the demeaning question, her words afterwards were piercing. Asides, from being a great writer and narrator she was eloquent, didn’t mince words when asked about her choice of language. She gladly spoke about her style of writing were influenced by African writers like Chinua Achebe.


 Except one has read Chinua Achebe’s work like “things fall apart”, only then would you realize the renaissance nature of her work in the African-American context. In things fall apart- Chinua Achebe was blunt about the crass effect of colonialism in Igbo culture. So when she spoke in her final documentary “the pieces I am” — with pleasure and a light in her eyes, that her works were prohibited in prisons because they could cause a riot, I could relate.

 “The pieces I am” is a timely documentary, it highlights her thought process through most of the notable books she wrote, like “songs of Solomon”. A book which narrated her father’s ordeal in racist America. She also talks about being female in a White Male-dominated industry, a role she revelled in.

 I am glad Toni got her flowers while she was alive (receiving the president’s medal of freedom). She knew she was loved and as Obama says “although we mourn, her stories—that are our stories will always be with us”.

My Mom’s Visit
My mom has since gone back to Nigeria, but I am glad she visited. I spoke a little bit about her visit in “STRIKING A BALANCE BETWEEN MORAL IDENTITY AND MORAL ACTION”.
 However, before she left I made her buy me this lovely polka-dot gown and a few other things. I miss home so much and seeing her was a relief, from everything going on with me. 

 What are your thoughts on this outfit?



  1. Princess Audu
    August 28, 2019 / 1:42 pm

    Hey Grace, it's been so long since I stopped by your blog, more so to read through your posts as opposed to just scrolling through images. I must say, wow, you're writing style has greatly improved. I loved this piece truly, well written and quite educational especially for someone like me that has never heard of Toni Morrison.

    Princess Audu

    • Grace Alex
      January 2, 2020 / 3:06 am

      Your comment is really appreciated, Sarah.