Once in a while, I do reviews about my hair and place a direct link or idea on how you could also achieve a similar style, see here.

It’s no news that I chopped my hair, limiting my usual experiments with hair colours, coupled with the fact that in the United States, hair bills are hard to maintain without being employed. I have resulted to wigs, to help sort me out in my hair department.
I posted a new photo of me in an auburn coloured hair, which I have wanted in a while now. I believe fall has the best moments to transition your hair or style from something basic and that is what I do.
Below is an Amazon link of where I got it and also the white wig. Also, for those in Nigeria seeking similar wigs to update your style @labellevirgin_hair makes decent wigs.

What are your thoughts on these wigs and which do you prefer?

Wig Links
Auburn Wig
 Ombre White Wig

Quick Tip

 When purchasing wigs on Amazon, reviews are so important to see how it fits your skin color and also quality purposes. 


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  1. shanaz@RS
    October 10, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    This is so fun! Love the ombre white one on you. Looks super whimsical. I also did a chop and it's so nice to sport something short after having it long. Stay beautiful girl 🙂 xoxo