Twitter: I tell people if you make it on Twitter, you can make it anywhere. There are more active Twitter users who extend their engagement outside the platform if they love the content you are putting out. It is less feeble than Instagram, but have more unguarded text that can hurt.

Hashtags/Tags: Good Ol’ hashtags may seem a thing of the past, but they help to show your content to people interested in that particular subject. However, I will advise that you find a hashtag that is not heavily saturated, the reason being your content will get lost in the crowd and defeats the purpose of the hashtag. Recently Instagram has been trash in helping with this.
In regards to tags, there are pages, with sufficient followers that could boost yours with a re-post. It is important that you tag with caution, so you don’t get blocked.

Clean relateable content with an engaging caption: This has nothing to do with the camera you have or edit you use on your photos/content and can post engaging text and photos from others with due credit and permission to do so.

Collaboration: Collaboration is key to opening your platform to other users who are unaware of your presence. I did that in my early blogger years and featured a few of my favourites, see here.

Engaging with Peoples Content: lately, I have been bad at commenting on peoples content, regardless it is important, to engage with the content of other bloggers, or content creators, to open the space for collaboration and future work.

I hope these few tips help you and you can comment on yours below.



  1. Martha
    November 1, 2018 / 10:05 pm

    Great tips. Thank you

  2. moneyplang
    December 8, 2018 / 10:36 am

    I have been commenting a lot on several blogs lately, but I hadn’t thought about my approach before you brought it up. I’m going to refine my strategy now that I’ve read this. And yeah, I am definitely sharing this on Facebook and Twitter, too. Thanks! best fb liker