Yesterday was my birthday- and as is my custom, I document my thought process around this time to keep stock. My birthdays provide another opportunity for me to look at life differently, thankfully it falls closer to the new year, so I am not making any sweeping measures that disrupt the plans I have for the year.

However, one I thing I do on my birthdays is re-evaluate my friendships, re-stack people on an importance hierarchy and treat them accordingly. I am a firm believer of cutting off people who don’t serve you or giving more attention to the people who bring you more peace, joy, growth and acceptance.

This year, I mapped out the common words that were used to drive home people’s birthday wishes to me and a few things stood out; love, growth, inspiration, brilliance although I try not to get my validation from people, it was soothing to see that to a large extent I have lived my life in my lane. I have given love, comfort, advice and hugs to people who will in turn appreciate my gestures and that brings me solace. I have considered often how my accommodating nature has not brought me much comfort but as I age, I am finding teeth and balance in my decisions.

I no longer consider myself too kind to be weak or too strong that I am brute. I have made stronger decisions and stuck to them, and taken tougher decisions along the way. In this new year, for the first time there are a few things I want to change about myself emotionally and more things I want to do productively.

Growth (inserts meme).

So at this point I’ll add my text and Instagram caption, which I thought was prescient considering how I feel today.

wrote my birthday post two weeks ahead of
the scheduled day- it’s the first time I’m taking this route to herald a
new beginning.

I’m reading tributes to Clayton Christensen on “how will you measure your life,” and I pause for a moment of reflection.

older I get, the easier it is for me to realize a lot of things don’t
matter, and that ones purpose in life is to mind their business and lead
a peaceful life- it doesn’t end there, what will be said of you, when
the curtains close and the jester begins to read your eulogy.

the last few months my life has changed, in ways that have both
surprised me and given me peace. I have become more thoughtful about my
growth, embraced changes that are non conforming and found ways to feed
good habits.

As growth continues to occur in this physical body
that I occupy, I hope that I’m able to inspire most of you who follow me
on this platform. ❤️❤️❤️

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes, they warmed my heart.

GOWN: Bebe Stores 
PURSE: Vintage
SHOE: Vintage 
Accessories: Zara