How to Blog Right in 2021: Top 5 Recommendations

Blogging in 2021

Every year I go through a process of revamping my blog to meet updated standards for sharing content online.

I also revamp my blog for branding purposes. And as always, I am left stunned by the new facts that emerge during the process .

2021 is no different from the other years. On an average, It takes me 6 hours or more hours to publish a blog post. These hours include research, ideation, photography and storytelling. So it’s often unsettling when I see these blog post that take a long time to publish, not rank well on Google search.

But I realize that the blogging space is now more competitive and with that knowledge comes new approaches.

There is often an improved tool or method to blog, each year, that I wish I knew before hand. But that’s the thing about life, we are constant learners and I’m here to share with you some ideas that I’ve found helpful in 2021.These are my top 5 recommendations on how to blog right in 2021, based on my over 10-years blogging experience.

Blogging Right in 2021

It’s 2021, and you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to have a successful blog. There are several successful niche blogs and Steph Smith the author of “Doing Content Right, is the poster child for a successful writer blogger. Steph, can boast of thousands of blog and newsletter subscribers, and over $100,000 in product sales in the last four months.

A few years ago, my blog trajectory seemed to be on a similar path until I moved to the US. But I’m picking up from where I left off. Learning new ways to improve my blog readership and increase traction on products I sell or recommend.

Thanks to plugin tools like headline analyzer, and the improvements to google’s search engine tools (‘search console,’ and analytics), I’ve recognized gaps in how I created content for my blog. For beginners without web development experience, navigating these ideas may be a bit treacherous. But I have written few blogging guides on how to fix blogger struggles , and an informative content guide for bloggers. Including a beginners guide for starting a blog.

5 Advanced Recommendations for Blogging in 2021

REDIRECT OLD URL: Funny fact, while writing this blog, I discovered that the permalink to a few of my bIog post was broken and had to fix it. You can read about permalink for beginners by SEO. I recently migrated my blog from blogspot to WordPress to enable me activate plugins that make my page professional. But it has proven to be a costly choice for my blog ranking on google search. Don’t be like me, research ways to migrate your blog before you make that big move.

UNDERSTAND SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) FUNCTIONS: For beginners it may be confusing to get a grasp of SEO and why it is important. But optimizing your blog post to meet best SEO performance, can increase traffic and blog ranking. I’ll admit that once you move your website from one host to another, or change domain name, your SEO performance could drop. A key takeaway on how SEO functions, is that your page becomes visible on search, if it is relevant, contains unique in text, and is educational or informative. There is also the idea of a ‘blogpost keyword’ which Neil Patel expands on on his SEO step-to-step guide.

SET UP YOUR SEARCH CONSOLE TOOL: When you set up your blog, there are backend performance(s) that might go unnoticed without a google search console set-up. Also, you would want to add a sitemap to search console, to enable google crawl and index your website. For example, I discovered from my search console that changing my web host services from Blogger to WordPress, had an impact on my post index. And because of that, some old post on the blog, are not searchable on Google.

ADD ALT TEXT TO BLOG IMAGES: Providing an alternative text to images used on the blog is helpful for accessibility. When you draft a blog post, it is important that images have their descriptor for inclusiveness. That way, your blog is expanding its reach to be inclusive.

SET UP A GOOGLE ANALYTICS PAGE: Google analytics (GA) provides an in-depth look into how blog readers interact with a page content. To blog right in 2021, understanding he ropes of Google analytics shapes the type of content you create. For example, I found out through my GA that my blog readers are interested in health and fitness. While fashion is still a top choice, I am can also cater to another audience I was unaware of.

Let me know if you found these reccomendationss helpful. Follow my social media links through this blog post and don’t forget to share and tag me.