When you decide to go public with your beliefs and values, expect to be actively observed by friends, family, and acquaintances. Seriously! From that point onward people you know and love; even those you don’t know so well will be waiting in the alleyway of your life for you to do or say something ‘un-christian like’. It’s one of the most fascinating consequences of outward faith in my opinion. It’s innate in all of us to explore the fault within a person and hold it against them once it surfaces; thats the honest truth. Passing judgement is far easier than acceptance. Im not perfect, so if you are waiting for me to do something that isn’t necessarily Christ-like what i’ll say to you today is wait for it. Professing that you are a christian doesn’t mean you will instantly achieve perfection. In actuality, it’s a proclamation that you are beyond imperfect. The most carnal of carnal. It stresses that you have realized that you are capable of some really messed up thoughts and actions and that you need help that no person can provide you with. 

Christians will sin, Christians will get angry, Christians will judge and I know all these things because in Romans 3:23 it reads:
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
The distinction here is that someone who is striving for Christ-likeness will not allow those things to characterize them. Rather, the sin will convict and ignite change. So again, to the people who may be waiting in the hallway of a believer’s life for that moment to “call them out” – Wait for it! I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect; but God still loves us and we have this hope to carry into each day. As these days progress his grace is sufficient enough for us, and for that I owe my life and everything in it.
In Isaiah 40:28-31 we are able to get a clear picture of our dependence on God, and what the relationship between a believer and their father portrays. It stresses the imperfection of our composition and how in our shortcomings Christ doesn’t regard us as failures or hypocrites. When we fall he extends his faithful hand and gives us the tools to try again. The scripture in Isaiah reads:
Don’t you know anything? Haven’t you been listening? God doesn’t come and go. God lasts. He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine. He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch his breath. And he knows everything, inside and out. He energizes those who get tired, gives fresh strength to dropouts. For even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall. But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.
Im not perfect. God see’s the filthy hollows of my heart and loves me regardless. I’m a sinner, and I  don’t proclaim this to be downcast and condemned; rather, to be reminded of the price that was paid for me to have a chance. You don’t have to be perfect to come to know the saving grace of Christ.Im not perfect, but God wanted me just the way I was; and that goes for anyone. The realisation of his love molded me. If I waited until I was ‘good enough’ I would have never made the decision to believe.  Day by day I am learning to run and not tire out as it says in the scripture. I’m a Christian and i’m nowhere near perfect – But God still loves me.

shoe/ Bamboo
Blazer/ 4C’S
Top: Asos
Jewellery/ New Look

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    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 6:34 pm

      Jae, I'm following in your steps

  1. clemence
    January 20, 2014 / 7:41 pm

    you look perfect boo

    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 6:32 pm

      Thanks love

  2. Unknown
    January 20, 2014 / 9:26 pm

    Nice post and I like your dress!

    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 6:48 pm

      Thanks love… Your blog is amazing

  3. Unknown
    January 21, 2014 / 6:34 am

    I like I like I like. Nice write up. Being a true christian comes with a lot of critiquing, don't be fickle, stand for what u believe in.

    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 6:50 pm

      Yes dear, thanks cliv

    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 7:05 pm

      Thanks dear

  4. Unknown
    January 21, 2014 / 5:11 pm

    Gurl you nailed this post when you said being christian is because we have actualized that we are imperfect. Yes! YES! those living for God will not let it charatterize them, Preach!!

    Happy New Year Grace! Oh I didnt forget, this monochrome dress paired up with this blazer is stunning!!

    ….But God still loves us!

    • Grace Alex
      January 21, 2014 / 6:59 pm

      Thanks Cocoh, happy new year

  5. Natasha Solae
    January 21, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    You are beautiful! Love the red lips and that bag!

  6. Anonymous
    January 24, 2014 / 2:28 pm

    Girlll, I couldn't have said it any better and it just made me wanna scream PREACH!!! as for a second I forgot that I was behind a computer!! Great post, great Word! Blessed weekend 😉