Scandinavian Fashion: Stylish Gaston Luga Backpacks

Gaston Luga, are a Swedish brand that design stylish functional backpacks for an adventurous lifestyle. Following the long line of design methods of incorporating sustainability to their designs.

Gaston Luga Backpack

I began my transition to minimalist and sustainable fashion during the lock down. My decision to transition my wardrobe or style isn’t from a place of privilege.

My transition towards a more modern wardrobe is heavily inspired by the approach to fashion, which is having a functional approach to style.

Known for their simplicity, sophistication and functionality Nordic brands are a minimalist dream. Long before minimalism became trendy, Nordic countries made up of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway were advocates of it.

Before sustainable fashion became edgy and a means to virtue-signal in contemporary fashion spaces, Nordic countries were already at the fore of integrating sustainable methods in their fashion process.

 Before sustainable fashion became edgy and a means to virtue-signal in contemporary fashion spaces, Nordic countries were already at the fore of integrating sustainable methods in their fashion process. Click to Tweet

Fashion for me has always been a means of escape and expression but recently that changed. The clothes that I sought comfort in no longer held that spell, they seemed less functional and more grotesque. For years, my style has consisted of heavy floral patterns and heavy accessorizing. But recently I decided to transition towards a more simple, plaid and lightweight aspect of fashion. This change happened during my reflective quarantine moments, having to access how much of my current personality is being reflected through my dressing- not having satisfaction with my style, has weighed heavily on me.

The forced recluse that came with the pandemic had made a huge impact on how I viewed fashion, forcing me to reevaluate my style, and sprung up an already existing crave for Scandinavian designs. I have loved the simplicity, the purpose and durability of a few Scandinavian items I’ve purchased in the past.

I decided to start off my transitioning by collaborating with my favorite backpack Swedish brand Gaston Luga. Gaston Luga are a carbon neutral organization and together with Carbon Footprint Ltd, they are committed to restoring local forest in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.

I got 2-backpacks- a black parlan and an olive-green praper backpack, both of which came in a really lovely black-box.


The Black Parlan Backpack:

I went with the black color for the parlan design due to its universality and design. Fun-fact, growing up owning a black backpack that I was proud of, is not something I’ve been able to achieve until recently. The product lived up to it’s image and I was more excited about the interior, the material used, and how it was neatly designed.


The Olive-Green Praper Backpack:
Olive-green is a color you can never go wrong with. However this particular backpack outdid itself in every category, from the combination of materials, adjustable straps, an inner laptop compartment, and passport pockets.

They really came in handy during my short trip to New York this past week. I really don’t fawn over products except when their quality is unmatched and I think Gaston Luga did that.

I was impressed with their shipping time-frame which

is around 3-business work days. I got really excited and got y’all a discount code GraceAlex15 to shop your favorite backpacks for fall and the holiday season approaching. When you use my discount code GraceAlex15 you get a 15% discount off your purchase.

One does not go about adopting a new way of living/style, without understanding the historical background and concept that birthed such an influential way of thinking about design. I did a bit of digging and came up with these useful articles, “The story of Scandinavian Design: Combining Function and Aesthetics” and “The Philosophy of Scandinavian Design” about the revolutionary intent behind modern fashion or Scandinavian design as we know it.

A line from one of the readings which caught my attention due to its narrative was that the “survival in the north (Nordic countries) required products to be functional, and this was the basis of all design from early on.” That line fits into why I felt irritated about my style and the need for a change. Most of my clothes weren’t necessarily functional but fashionable, and that became burdensome.

What abrupt changes have you made to your lifestyle due to your COVID-19 experience? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. #anywherewithGL #GastonLuga