Treat yourself great sound products and accessories this holiday season. A little over two years, I got a lovely pink wireless earplugs with great sound from Sudio. The product has served me well and made me a fan of Sudio audio products and accessories.

Sudio Ett
Sudio Ett Green

Sudio AirPods

The earplugs had great quality of sound, the pouch to enclose it was made with great leather material and the color choice was excellent. I’ve had a great experience with the product since then, so it’s no news that I am collaborating with the brand this time. It’s not often you see audio products that explores bright colors as part of their unique design proposition- what we often see are products coated with either white or black color.

Sudio is a Swedish audio  accessory brand that sells earplugs, speakers, earbuds and AirPods as part of their product fleet. Their simplistic approach to design is also a cause for my fixation with Nordic brands. 


All about AirPods

I know AirPods have been a thing for a moment, but I try to justify my need for purchasing any trend. I ask myself if it is a need and why. To justify my need for getting the AirPods, I got constantly frustrated alternating between charging my phone and listening to music. So when I decided that the AirPods where my preferred choice to improve my listening experience, I decided to put it through my product vet process. 

First, look for the best performing brand in a product category that simultaneously has a competitive price and great quality. The Sudio Ett, looked like the best product in the audio accessories category, with a list of benefits not limited to: 

Sudio Benefits

  • A three year warranty
  • The range coverage for the bluetooth feature
  • The additional accessories 
  • Noise cancellation
  • Design
  • Play time of 30hrs
  • Free Shipping      

I also decided that I needed to treat myself without feeling guilty, and being a big fan of music, I felt like the noise cancellation AirPods was the right decision to make. Thankfully, I was gifted this pair and was provided a discount code for my readers. In addition to the 25% off site wide discount you have a 10% discount using my code GraceAlexTYS. Providing the ability to get their products for as low as $65.

The holiday season is fast approaching and its not to early to think of gift ideas for you or your loved ones.  I’m elated that I no longer have to worry about charging my phone while listening to music, which was my major angst while using the wired headphones. 



Sudio AirPods