Hello Fam, I know its been hazy around here, first off Happy new year, 2013 was amazing and when I officially start off posting pictures of myself i’ll try to do a little review, I am sorry for my lack of post, I wanted to change my template (which has taken effect already), to start on a new, better slate this year. 
not posting any pictures yet cos my birthday is coming up and I want a first me post. to start off with something special..
this year started with a campaign and style challenge from Mod Cloth vintage store,  I was contacted to join its campaign and put my piece of items selected from its store and here is what I came up with..
link to Mod Cloth vintage store here
this piece was put together, for a chick yet classy look, its also work and lunch appropriate
for some of us we never want to be caught off guard while looking simple yet sophisticated, this is something I would definitely see myself wear, more work appropriate with less accessories coming to play.
its the color block age and some people are more bent on having different shades of colors on, well the secret is to try and keep it classy, with everything downplayed the watch as an accessory definitely gives the outfit its sparkle

playing it safe here, some people would rather stick to the safe side and and match in all their colors well in doing so just try to be no so much of a particular color that era is gone..
thanks for all the comments last year and the messages I appreciate every one of them, try and subscribe, for daily weekly feeds


  1. Anonymous
    January 19, 2014 / 3:16 pm

    Welcome! Nawao! U took so long sha! Apy nu year to u too