12 H&M Fall Sweater Recommendations under $50

Fall is finally here, and the crisp air calls for cosy knit sweaters! As the temperatures drop, and leaves whistle to announce their exit, we all scramble to find our favourite sweater to keep us warm and fashionable.

Sweater styled by Bella Hadid

Recently, I stumbled upon a tweet that resonated with me. It quoted an image of a lush, chunky, cosy-looking yellow sweater and mentioned how hard it is to find a good sweater lately. Thanks to Reddit, I discovered an article in the Atlantic that delved deeper into the issue and referenced a tweet (not the one I had seen) that mentions the loss in quality of good sweaters. In the tweet shared in the Atlantic, there is a pictorial reference to “Billy Crystal wearing an ivory cable-knit fisherman sweater in 1989’s When Harry Met Sally with actor Ben Schwartz re-creating the image in a similar outfit.”


Speaking of fisherman sweaters, I recently got one from HM, and the quality is impressive. I realized how much that style of sweater tugs at the heart of an average American. While shopping for knit sweaters for Fall a few weeks back, I saw a lady in her late 70s exclaim in excitement after finding what she considered a beautiful fisherman sweater. To be candid, it was the first time I had paid attention to the name and style of a sweater I had sitting in my wardrobe and pictured in this post.


Inspired by my recent purchases, I’ve put together a list of 12 HM sweaters that are perfect for Fall and are all under $50. All three (3) sweater pieces I have from the brand are of a quality that is often rated with fast fashion brands. I usually try to get all my shopping for Fall done at the end of September or the first week of October. It is also around this time I shoot Fall inspired looks styling sweaters. During this period, fresh pieces from the SS23 runway or new collections from fashion houses make their debut on the rack.

The start of Fall remains my favorite time of the year, with the moderate weather that makes it easy to style looks from different seasons in a transitional way. So, check out my list of HM sweaters and stay cosy and fashionable this Fall!

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  2. December 6, 2023 / 8:02 am

    Absolutely love the fall sweater recommendations in this article! 🍂 The cozy vibes and stylish picks are spot on. Can’t wait to update my wardrobe with some of these must-haves. Thanks for the great suggestions! 👌