Spring and Summer time is upon us again, to me I feel this is a bloggers dream, because the sun is out and then comes the rain to help saturate the environment, and taking pictures at periods like this makes your work, lets say more professional.
I’ve some favorite picks for this season and you will comment below and tell me what yours is..
1) MIU MIU’S BURGUNDY LENS: This or any lens at all that suits, your face frame, since the sun would be out most times during this season 
2) RAINCOAT: To be honest, the weather isn’t too favorable especially here in Nigeria, and the rain can be embarrassing most times, a raincoat would be an advisable pick for this season.

3) GET SOMETHING FLORAL: but what is spring and summer without floral, I feel thats the initiation into the season, a time to be girly 

 4) WEAR PRINT: Buying and outfit with print pattern, gives you a uniqueness and holiday feel.

 5) GET SOMETHING LEATHER: I realized that this is the only time in my own zone that wearing leather seems a bit bearable, it just gives a different classy twist to your outfit 

 6) GET A LEATHER SHOE or BOOT: that is mostly because it doesn’t come under so much pressure with water, making it last longer

Disclaimer: Non of the photos used here has its origin from me, they are all sourced from google 


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  1. Unknown
    May 26, 2015 / 8:26 pm

    Cool list! I don't know how I feel about wearing leather in the summer though. It's really hot, then it gets sticky and icky.

    Aniekeme for TFLA