The beautiful thing about growing up is experiencing moments that happen most often once in a lifetime. I’m so glad to have gotten to the age where you get to see your girls get married, have babies and all that cute stuff, but for today we will stick to getting married.

One of my favorite persons got married recently, she’s been a big sister and an amazing support since I got to America (felt like a real igbo girl saying that word America) and I couldn’t be any happier to share this exciting moment with her. I’ve never been through a bridal shower process, and even though I’ve had dozens of people around me get married, I show up only at your church wedding, stay one hour through your reception, present my good tidings and off I go… ( can I see a witness in the house ✋)

“The beautiful thing about growing up is experiencing moments that happen most often once in a lifetime”.Click to tweet
Bridal Shower is an interesting time for a single girl transitioning to feel loved by her female friends she’s had as companions and pals over the years. This made more sense when I attended this bridal shower, I’ve always had an idea, but now I know the kind of people that are more likely to show up at my bridal shower, that’s if I’m having one (where my friends at).

really do love bridal showers because it’s those teary eyed moments to
knowing the bride ain’t gonna role like a single lady no more and y’all
get to say stories that touch the heart.

The color code was pink and unfortunately I didn’t take a group picture of the girls, everyone stayed with the rule. There where fun games, good food and a lot of dancing 💃🏼 and trust Naija music 🎶 for the turn up. 

so happy I have a lot of people marrying around me, next year I have 5
weddings to attend hopefully I get the chance to. This was kind of sort
of an initiation into being a wedding fanatic 😂😂

At one point the groom-to-be came in unknowingly and handed the bride a bouquet flower, I kid you not I think my heart cried (tears of joy really) hahah. Sorry for the pictures, I hope everyone is having a great time, I have the main wedding post linked to this and be sure to check it out.

It was fun while it lasted, just in case y’all didn’t get the memo…



  1. mackyton
    December 15, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Such an adorable it was. I felt very emotional while reading this post. Actually I will be marrying soon at the local event space in LA so some special scenes came into my mind. I am sure we will also have a successful wedding party!

    • Grace Alex
      December 16, 2017 / 10:25 am

      All the best love, I hope you have a memorable experience