feel sad I don’t have enough pictures to highlight how that day went
and the videos I tried to take isn’t fit for this kind of post. But hey,
I attended my first Naija wedding in America and it was lit.

of the best things about me being by myself now, is that I can fully
immerse myself in activities (good ones) without restrictions. I’ve
never had the opportunity to see a wedding preparation from inception to
finish but I got a taste of that with #kaychimmy17.

Traditional wedding: The hashtags are to lead to the remnants of memories posted by people who attended the wedding. I love how we can find weddings with hashtags, it’s how
technology is providing us with easier ways to accessing memories?

It was however great to know that despite being thousand and thousands of miles away, our culture was in full display and exhibited in character and clothing. And those who were unaware of how our traditions went down, got a glimpse of it. Guest where asked to where grey colors but as usual at a Nigerian traditional wedding those rules done apply… hahaha 

White wedding:

and Chimmy  are wonderful people and you could see that with the people
who turned up for their day, and the turn up was real (see what I did
there)? I literally forgot to do anything than watch and enjoy myself.
Most pictures taken where taken before the wedding and some captured by others.

I made new friends and saw old ones and nostalgic memories came flying. It was so hard to unwind by Monday 😩 I’m literally still hung over from the wedding, there was food that weekend, a lot of eating, drinking and the general good things of life.

I loved the color theme of the wedding 🎩 something about purple that makes you feel
royal and to think I was able to find something in my wardrobe the fit the day was more exciting.

day to the wedding we had this beautiful experience at a hotel so good I
forgot the name but these are pictures one from the balcony and the other at a tea spot.

had fun at this wedding, Nigerians are literally the same everywhere,
especially when it comes to partying and having fun. No decorum, we
continued till dawn which was Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration 🎉.
The DJ needs an award 🥇 my best wedding so far thanks for the
 I’m glad it was a sunny day, the weather gave them its blessings and it was a great day.