“Truth is at that moment when you’re at your lowest, the devil
doesn’t remind you of your victories, he shows you your shortcomings”  Click to tweet

I decided to revisit my breakfast thoughts after two years, see here and here and here but it’s better late than ever.
2017 has a few days left before we start to say “last year”… This year has been a very unique one, on one hand I got what I wanted (Graduate school) on the other hand something had to give (blogging, managing my business, having what I wanted etc.) At this point if I am to complain then I will be really ungrateful.

One of the most important lessons 2017 thought me is to laugh at my shortcomings, embrace it and find the most efficient way to solving my problems. “I am enough”. One interesting thing happened this year, I really thought I had won my battle with depression, until early this month when I really was on the verge of taking my own life. People say, oh Grace you have everything pray, and the recommendations come in. Truth is at that moment when you’re at your lowest, the devil doesn’t remind you of your victories, he shows you your shortcomings and if you’re mot surrounded by people who genuinely care, then the outcome isn’t a favorable one.

This year I understood the importance of friendships and people rooting for you and my gofund me account which I created for my tuition was what showed me that. People I didn’t expect showed up for me and the people I felt would, did not do anything about it. 
I improved in my writing after I got into graduate school and I know I still have a long way to go but I have come a long way.
I had to learn the hard way this year, that worrying about marriage and someone to love you isn’t going to take you anywhere. On the other hand I had to understand I was enough and in my singleness God loves me.
I am learning that not all failure is fatal and I should be intentional in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. I see how my faith and resolve to loving God has improved although I still struggle with devotionals and prayers, I have a better clarity as to why I am serving him.
In the coming year, no resolutions; I want to be diligent in every thing I set out to do. I want to find love, write more, create more inspiring work and be content with Gods goodness.
What did you learn this year? comment below and let me know if y’all want to see more post on breakfast thoughts?
Thank you for all those who have stuck and followed me in this journey for over 6 years, we’ve created memories and looking forward to creating a million more