A few hours ago we were all sharing joyful experiences, eating meals and un-boxing presents and that’s Christmas for you, the merry, the joy and family.
couldn’t help but try to compare my Christmas experience in Nigeria and
what is obtainable here in America . I called my family and spoke to them at length, since I’m a thousand miles away from them. My family’s routine and tradition since I was conscious of my
existence has remained the same. Christmas moments starts very early, everyone is excited to be wearing something new (not always), my mom’s stew and soup aroma is all over the house, my dad comes in gives us a few naira notes for offering and as a Christmas present then we head to church. Then we get home, food comes next, if we are lucky we get
cash presents from my a relative (very rare) sleep or visit my cousin or have my other
cousins visit and that ends it.
year however, I did not spend time with my immediate family but did
with a close extended family and Christmas had a different feeling and
thing about growing up Nigerian is that Christmas isn’t filled with
gifts as such, maybe a new culture that modern families are beginning to
pick but it hasn’t been our thing. We are usually known for exchanging food with our neighbors, going house to house and hoping to get a few
notes (money) that makes our Christmas dressing worth the sacrifice.
America it’s serious business no one however, goes house to house and the gifting that comes with Christmas is
really huge. Stores slash down prices and have end of year sales and
families find unique ways to surprise each other.
newly adopted family (Nigerian) decided it was a good behavior to
adopt. No one had to splurge on an item but thoughtfully get something
for the other person. Surprisingly (because it was our first time) it
worked, everyone got a gift I did too and the feeling was beautiful and
it’s a tradition I’ll love to continue
is also a biblical representation of Christ coming. A gift to mankind, a
mankind undeserving of his love yet he came to set us free…
Hope y’all had a great Christmas what was your experience?
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