This year as promised (maybe I didn’t) I intend to go back to the drawing board and bring y’all tips and trends and most importantly a blog community that y’all can refer to and feel at home with as seen here and here.
These trends are probably biased because of my own style preference, but I believe
everyone would find a trend that suits them among the various items
listed. Lucky enough I found a site Modaoperandi
that had most of these trends, but at neck cutting prices.I also found
pictures that translated exactly to what trends I felt would make waves
in 2018.
 1). Tassel Earrings: I love this trend, although tassels come and go, they kind of revisit us in different forms every year. last year we had it on our outfits and this year we have them on our jewelries. I love the bohemian feel that tassels bring to an outfit.
2). Belted buckled outfits: There is something attractive, chick and sophisticated about this look. I saw a bit of this trend last, but mostly in shoes and I love how the wave has transitioned to clothing and I am here for it.
3). Straw Bags: I guess it is here to stay. When straw bags started its fame in 2017, I loved it but couldn’t bet my coins on the long stay of this trend. Fast-forward to 2018 and the craze for straw bags is unending. From beach feel, to destination locations, this bag is a bloggers dream. I say bloggers dream because they are the only community making this trend last this long (am I right?).
4). Bucket bag: It’s just one of those trends one gets indifferent with, but you know it will grow on you, because the designers say so. I love how simple it looks (yasss to simplicity), but then am I the only one wondering how many things get to fit inside this bag?
5).Glitter outfit: Shiny, shiny, shiny (In Patricia brights voice) I feel this is the year of glittering. especially with that new app that makes people want to look like the stars in the sky. I am considering a glittery look for my birthday, what do y’all think?

6). Tied bow shoe: I am a fan of anything that looks knotted to be honest and I think this just gives any outfit that needed edge, especially when there is nothing really bringing the whole attention. Also, I think it is a great fit on an outfit you want to tone down but not look less sophisticated.

7). I am looking for the right word to define this piece of shoe, but I do not know… so do y’all have an idea? This is one of those edgy shoes that will trend in 2018, which isn’t for everybody and any occasion. Paring an outfit with this shoe is either a hit or miss.
8). White pumps and block heels: I have my first birthday wish-list guys. I am so in love with this shoe, I don’t know how I’ll feel if I am gifted this. This shoe can be worn anywhere with anything. I am actually getting hysterical let me move on.

9). Asymmetrical Skirt: This pattern cut on fabrics is really flawless and goes with most body types and shapes. I feel you can’t really go wrong with this type of outfit, second item on my wish-list (see what I’m doing here, gradually building in a full outfit).

10). Belted bags: I am a fan of this trend, I am already thinking of the lit shoots I am legit going to have this year (Amem?) *laughs. This is for people like me who don’t have a great record of preserving things, lets just say, that are careless. I get to save myself the struggle of finding my earpiece and missing them, when I am out. I however, hate the excessive big ones, they begin to look like a burden especially when the size starts to get a bit bigger than this.

11).  Monochrome: This outfit is a definition of how I want to be looking in 2018, Monochromatic.The Monochrome layering of green in this picture is definitely one for the history books. I think monochrome is a trend that is timeless and is only redefined by how it is worn.
12). Moms Denim: This is here because it has to be. I am excited because I still get to slay on the ones I have. Denim is always in vogue, always.
 13). Open cut & knotted: This is actually a two way trend, the stripes, color and then the cut (OK! three). I love the cut on this outfit, unfortunately, it is winter in the states and this isn’t an option. Hopefully, those in warmer climes can enjoy the privilege and for the sweater that is my third wish-list.  Check the end of this post for the pairing of the three items I chose.
14). Plaid Redefined: Plaid is one of those trends everyone is usually indifferent about and to some people, it never goes out of style (people like me). This is the new trend of plaid subtle but it’s still plaid. I really do not like this pattern of plaid, but most people prefer it because it doesn’t look like they are wearing an obvious check.
15). Cat Eye Sunglasses: Like cars, cat eye sunglasses since they became a thing in recent years, have found a way of reinventing themselves. I do love sunglasses and I am a collector, these vintage sunnies are definitely a must have this year and are also part of my wish-list.

16). Ruffles: This trend is so sultry, and feminine and I love it. They definitely redefine how one looks and give a powerful but subtle finish to a look.

17). Silk: I love how the silk trend has played itself into trends to be taken seriously. Last year, the silk trend was prevalent in sleep wears that where transformed to street wears. This year we would see this trend on major fashion scenes with its flexibility of working with colors without looking brash.

Birthday Outfit Wish-list


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