For those of you who may not know, my blog isn’t about tips (although I share them) it isn’t about lifestyle (I share some here too), my blog is an open diary, through which, I document my high, low and slow moments here, with clothes.

Now that I’ve clarified that I do hope y’all are lenient with what you should expect when you read my blog.

I want to honestly find out if commenting on my page is a hassle and if y’all have recommendations as to how it should be done. The aim of having my open diary is to connect, with people who I barely know through their comments and that doesn’t happen which is kinda sad.

This year, I had my wins, and a lot of losses. I am about to close down my blog, but then again I created it for myself and if I do close it down, I’ll get worse with dealing with my feelings. This year wasn’t so great in terms of creativity and creating content and although I pushed myself, it only got worse because I felt it wasn’t appreciated enough as when I didn’t put in effort.

It’s the end of the year and somehow I feel the devil has me where he wants me. Down trodden, less excited about life, not doing my devotionals, not reading a book, just sleeping and waking up and barely eating. I don’t document my life experiences for pity, I do because that’s the only way I get to let my screaming thoughts out without interjections.

Hopefully, next year (2018) will be kind to me and I get out of this sunken place. I hope I find goodness in its days that are numbered and find happiness in things that I know would still pass away.