Welcome to the first day of March everyone, spring in America is coming 20 days earlier and what better way to celebrate than to return from my long sojourned absence that has irritated quite a few of you. I got mails and messages asking why the long absence, I am here to say life happens and when the pressure of its pangs begin to tell on your existence you get to see the physical reaction in lack of any creative thoughts.

However, I signed up for this life and I am back! Spring this year broke its timing and if I cannot express how happy I am, I do know my fingers on my keyboard is typing faster than it did in January or December (My awful attempt at describing happiness).

Todays’ tumblr thursday post as curated from my tumblr blog which I run simultaneously with this, is a gradual mood flow into how beautiful this season is about to get. It is also women’s month this March and I am collaborating with a few brands to bringing you empowering stories. What is your favorite season and why?


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