Welcome, to my favorite time of the year! for a few reasons not limited to; clear skin, Christmas movies and end of the year festivities, and how did I forget Elvis Presley or Maria cary’s Christmas album.

I really don’t create Christmas wish-list as such, so I don’t get disappointed not getting a box on Christmas day. However this year, I have decided to create a Christmas wish-list of which two is most important- a laptop and camera. The other items, are immaterial but what I’ll love to get for my birthday in February, who has cash to spare (*inserts wink).

A renaissance corset

Vintage corsets, are signaled to be a favorite wardrobe staple for 2020 (don’t say I didn’t tell you) and they go perfectly with a high-waist jeans.

The Sony Ar7iii 

Although, I have been a big fan of Canon, I have decided to branch out to Sony, to see what magic lies within. I didn’t do much creative content on this year, because I wasn’t feeling the output of production from my canon.

Mac Book Pro

When it was announced that Apple, had redesigned the Mac book pro with a better, physical interface, I was one of those low key excited fans. The former iterations or designs of the Mac Book was so annoying, especially to a few of us that had the old, heavy CD plate design. The new design has drawn praises from a lot of tech folks, so I am excited to have one.

Amina Muaddi Heels

Although, I do not consider myself as someone who is constantly in favor of modern trends, I appreciate a few that standout. Amina Muaddi heels, has been seen on so many celebrities to include Kylie, Kendal, well the whole Kardarshian clan. I am also a big fan of her designs, which have a 60’s flare to it. A Christmas/ Birthday wishlist.

RosarioThis dress, is a Christmas wishlist too, so I could wear it to a ball or some bourgeoisie event wearing, wearing an Amina Muaddi heels.

Oscar de la Renta

I love the simple, delicate but yet sophisticated look of this Oscar de la Renta accessory, I threw this in there for the color and also the brand (touche).