3 Fall Fashion Essentials: Embracing Earth Tones for the New Season

There’s no better time of year than fall to break out your warmest earth-toned fashion accessories and clothing. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing few Fall Fashion Essentials to keep you cozy as the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start their magnificent transformation into a palette of reds, oranges, and yellows. These three (3) fall essentials are my favorite for incorporating more earth tones into my autumn style. You can read more fashion inspiration on What-I-Wore.

Fall Earth Tones

The Brown Leather Jacket – A Cool-Weather Staple

A high-quality leather jacket in a rich brown hue is one of the most versatile items you can own for fall. It dresses up any outfit while exuding a stylish vibe. I love throwing on my favorite brown leather jacket over a pair of khaki shorts and a silk shirts, because it layers perfectly when temperatures really start to dip.


Blazers provide warmth and wind protection on blustery fall days. Unlike bulky coats, a blazer jacket won’t overwhelm your outfit or restrict movement. It’s the perfect lightweight top layer for everything from outdoor dates picking to casual lunches with friends. A mid-length jacket that hits just below the waist is ideal for flattering all body types.

Fall Fashion Essentials
Fall Fashion

When purchasing a blazer jacket, opt for genuine leather or wool rather than faux alternatives. They lasts longer and often looks more luxurious. And don’t shy away from pre-owned! Check second-hand and vintage stores for quality leather jackets at discounted prices. With the proper care, a leather or wool jacket can become a wardrobe staple you’ll reach for year after year.

Pantyhose Leggings – The Perfect Transitional Piece

As fall ushers in cooler temps, bare legs are no longer an option. But full tights can feel overly hot underneath skirts and dresses during the day. Enter the perfect in-between: pantyhose leggings. These opaque leggings have a control top that hits at the waist, providing coverage without adding excess warmth. I love sporting skin-textured pantyhose leggings under midi skirts and shorts for a fall look.

For optimal comfort, look for pantyhose leggings made with a high spandex content. I aim for at least 20% for maximum stretch and flexibility. This allows them to fit smoothly under any outfit. Shop for short, mid, and tall length options to match the skirt or dress being worn. Like in the photos, you can barely tell that I am wearing a pantyhose leggings. You want the pantyhose leggings to adequately cover your legs, rather than bunching at the ankles or calves.

With the right pair, you can seamlessly transition summer dresses into fall while looking polished and put-together. Pantyhose leggings are a versatile staple every woman should own.


Cozy Scarves in Rich Earth Tones

As soon as the autumn chill hits the air, I eagerly begin incorporating my collection of cozy scarves into every outfit. Scarves instantly pull together any look while providing an extra layer of warmth. But more than their functional purpose, I love accenting my fall style with scarves in deep, warm earth tones.

Browns, reds, oranges, olive greens — these colors reflect the gorgeous fall foliage and seasonal spirit. I have knit scarves, silk scarves, and chunky woven blankets scarves. One of my favorite ways to wear them is loosely draped over a neutral sweater or over my head. The pop of color and texture elevates the simplicity of any look.

Scarves also transition beautifully from running fall errands to date nights out. I’ll often start with a chunky knit blanket scarf for casual daywear then switch to a dressier silk scarf for dinner and drinks. The options are endless when you own scarves in varying fabrics and patterns.


When shopping, look for scarves made from natural materials like wool, cotton, alpaca, or cashmere. The more texture and detail, the better! Fringed edges, woven patterns, knotted threads all contribute visual interest while warming you in style.

With a collection of richly hued scarves, you’ll be ready to embrace those chilly fall days with cozy flair.

This season, fill your wardrobe with timeless fall essentials in gorgeous earth tones. A blazer wool or leather jacket, pantyhose leggings, and scarves in rustic hues will carry you through autumn in both comfort and style. With the right essential pieces, you can fully immerse yourself in the spirit of fall.