How An African Girl Got Her Delight in Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans
A set of Caraway cookware

Dear readers, happy Sunday! Let’s talk about the excitement that comes with having well-designed and curated cookware (pots and pans) in your home. I can actually tell that I am getting old when I start obsessing over home goods and to be honest I have legit reason to be. Obsessing has re-introduced me to words that I was familiar with during my Home Economics class. For Example, I now make my pots and pan purchases based on non-stick, heat conductivity, design, and cookware maintenance. 

There are couple of delightful reasons why I find pots and pans fascinating, including the patterns, sizes, colors, and the materials involved in making them. 


In Africa, Nigeria specifically, Pots and Pans are a huge part of the Nigerian culture, we use them for large (traditional) and small (family) events with the recurring myth that the larger pots cook better meals- Something to do with smoke, the wood, and the sweat.  What is fascinating is that recent years, and more fiercely in 2022, marketing strategies has resurfaced cast-iron pots and pans as elite level must-haves, only this time for small-scale cooking! Not surprising, rather I have also fallen into this strategy and got myself one and I am fascinated by the little details that has morphed from the old to the new.

One thing though, the designers are yet to find a way of making cast-iron less heavy. There are other details, let me know in the comment session if you see it.

There is always a lesson in discovering culture for yourself outside the will of the gatekeepers, it feels empowering and freeing. Adulting means that I have come to embrace the cultural parts of loving pots even though for a long time I felt any attachment to cookware was me buckling under the pressure of patriarchy. I have not only come to embrace these cookwares but I am easing myself into the fun of cooking again.

A bowl of cabbage soup
Making Pancakes

Who knew cast-iron cookware, and well decorated skillets were all the ginger I need. But that’s not the only thing sparking joy for me, ceramic platers and cups are in the mix. But outside the joy within the African culture pots and pans are not just for cooking, pots (Clay) are used to make water cold, or serve as decorative pieces. Recent trends have also replaced them with plates for a presentable table setup, they are also a maker of wealth as they are considered trade-able assets.

Image from my Kitchen Cabinet. Ceramic plates, bowls, and cups

Within the African culture women who marry into or who are from wealthy homes are sent off with the finest set of pots and pans to start their new homes. In the modern day kitchen affording a set of lecreuset without batting an eye is definitely a marker of wealth. There are also other high-end cookware brands that fall into this category.

Cast-iron pot
A set of Lecreuset

The Many Designs of Today’s Pots and Pans

Modern home furnishings and designs have defined the type of pots and pans we buy. Unlike the traditional times when functionality took precedence, now people like me are more inclined to think in the lines of patterns, colors, handling designs, and the aesthetic of our homes. Gone are the days of boring stainless steel, even though they are functional.

My recent pan purchase from Amazon has re-ignited my love for making pancakes and I have myself making more of those that I did in the last 2-months. I also fell in love with the heat retaining quality of a recent ceramic cast-iron pot purchase , and I got to make a cabbage soup in it.

It is also fascinating the different handle designs that have been introduced to make it easy to love and preserve our skin while cooking.


Ceramic cupsLEcreusetCast-iron pot

Why am I writing about my fascination with pots and pans? Recently, I have fallen in the colors and patterns of new pots and pan designs, including plates. More also, I have fallen in love with ceramics and I recently found an affordable pot, pan set of ceramic plates, bowls and cups from Amazon. Today’s post is not the first time I have highlighted some my delight for well designed cookware. Last year, I did a feature on the blog on some favorite items to add to the kitchen, where I featured some of my favorite pot and pan brands. 

I enjoy writing this one-off post like this one that don’t align with style, let me know what your thoughts are. Writing to me is therapeutic and that means once a thought comes to my head it has to be written, captured, or scripted. To follow my scripted content, check out my latest YouTube Video and follow my IG