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I finally watched Beyonce’s Black is King produced by Disney, after the buzz on social media, and I loved it. If there is anything I loved outside the fantastic directing and styling, it’s that African aesthetic has come of age.  
Although, there are still reservations about accepting the infusion of African aesthetic into international musical crafts, its pleasing to see our tradition and vibe at the grand stage in such a beautiful form

But a few religious people have demonized the use of African aesthetic or lyrics by Beyonce for her art. As a liberal Christian, their submission triggered a crux I have with a few Christians over the years. They dwell on the “less weightier matter.” The world is currently going through a volatile phase, with many issues upending people’s human right, means to justice or survival. But the best thing and commentary on their mind is to highlight a spiritual interpretation of someone’s job.
Despite the religious crux with the album, “Black is King,” it is a win for creatives on the African continent- normalizing our work and vision, which have includes the infusion of African fabrics as contemporary fashion choices.
In recent times, street style usually part of fashion week season, has been a means of showcasing trends, and I am deploying a similar tactic for today’s look. My outfit is my attempt towards normalizing our perky style, which rooted in our heritage.

What are your thoughts on “Black is King?”


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