Dear Reader- today, in the United States of America (USA) we transitioned to a new administration. The glam in the capital city was refreshing considering the challenging days and weeks that led up to this moment. I’ll want to highlight some of my favorite looks today, and most people who showed up today deserve to give their stylist a raise. 

The women chose to show up in color, everyone looking poised and classy. It is refreshing to see less of the formal black, cream or grey coats which is customary to see at such events.
Photo Credit: Alex Brandon/EPA

Dr. Jill Biden’s Outfit: I have a strong bias for Dr. Jill Biden. There is something about her demeanor that oozes strong resolve but yet empathy. She was my favorite person during their campaign as she didn’t have to bash anyone negatively but made a case for why her husband should be elected. A ride or die, one her devotion it in the quiet assurance her presence brings to the president, Joe Biden. She’s an educator and would continue to teach, despite her being First Lady!

Outside my adulation of the First Lady, I want to appreciate her choice of outfit for the occasion. She did not miss! Her choice of aqua or cobalt blue was soothing- especially when cameras zoomed into the details, exposing the velvet collars and puffs, glistering beadings of Swarovski pearls and crystals embellished throughout the dress. The well cut collar and striking shape of the monochrome outfit caught my attention! A look worth framing. 
The outfit was designed by Markarian and crafted by a small team in New York City. Read more about the outfit on Fashion Bomb Daily.
Vice President Kamala Harris: I got to know more about the current VP, during her presidential campaign. I live in Washington, DC and worked with close associates who volunteered for her campaign. Kamala Harris became the first female American Vice-president, when she was sworn in today- shattering  social, racial and gender barriers placed on women.
Many outlets have pointed to the symbolic move of her inaugural outfit. First, being that her outfit was designed by an emerging black designer, Christopher John Rogers. Secondly, the purple choice stands as a unifying symbol of bi-partisanship when you mix blue for Democrats, and red for Republican. Others have said the color is symbolic of the suffragette movement, amongst others. I personally, loved that she went for a bold and daring color, as did other powerful women at today’s event.
Michelle Obama’s Outfit: Hers was a show stopper! The internet literally went agog when she stepped out of the Escalade that ushered them into the inauguration grounds. Former First Lady Michelle Obama, is not a fresh face to fashion-politics and her outfit choice today is no surprise. I remember the bronze Versace gown she wore a few years back and how my heart leaped on sight. I think a lot of people including me had similar sentiment when she stepped out today.  
The fit of her outfit, the way her hair was laid and the man she walked out with, made the whole look a vibe. There isn’t much to say about the dress that hasn’t been mentioned by the media. Go figure!
Ella Emhoff: Now to my star of the event! There were outfits that struck a chord today and looks that went for the jugular, but there was someone who stole my heart, Ella. She is also referred to as the VPs step-daughter. From my screen, before I saw her emerge from the shadows in alley, her Miu Miu embellished jacket was already beaming. I went off in a series of tweets about the flawlessness of her outfit and it was not long before the internet started reiterating similar sentiments. Ella, is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates amazing knits and attends the infamous Parsons School of Design. 

Outside her flattering look, her choice of hair and frames stood out! I’m looking forward to her style throughout the current administration. 

Amanda Gorman: The youngest inaugural poet who delivered her spoken poetry “The Hill We Climb,” appeared in style. The 22-year-old stood out amongst the crowd in her blazing yellow Prada Jacket. Since her performance, both her social media pages have amassed over 3million followers. It was a well crafted, poignant piece which was eloquently spoken for such a time as this. Read full transcript of the inaugural poem here. I really loved her choice of accessories and the color-block styling of the jacket, which made her spottable in the crowd today.

Fingers crossed and she get’s to run for president in 2036 and we will all be here cheering her on.
Honorable mentions Meena Harris and her children, Joe Biden’s grandkids, Nikolas Ajagu, who wore the Dior Air Jordan I’s that was the subject of conversation on Twitter after a sneak peak was shown as he descended the steps of Capitol Hill.

Hillary Clinton’s scarf, JLo’s white assemble and Lady Gaga’s accessories! Who was your best dressed at the inauguration today? Also, a quick disclaimer! Non of the images featured on today’s blog was taken by me. All were sourced from various outlets

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