Happy Weekend! Saturday is finally here and it feels like forever. It’s been a long week of counting down to the weekend through meetings and deliverables. Don’t get me wrong I totally love my job, but this week was emotionally draining in the states as you must have seen in the news. I would spare everyone the gory details- I have decided not to link to the news either.

A pair of Gafasandals Simple Summer Slides

Let’s talk about self-care, wellness and a few activities to engage in this weekend to bring back for our wellbeing. Pause! I’ve just had a slight flashback to my early blogging days when I had to write content for the blog daily. Critically speaking, the content quality wasn’t superb, due to the quantity. These days, I’m churn out content at a slow but deliberate pace- the quality is much better. 


Here is a quick tip for blogging beginners, a little digression from today’s post.

A quick tip for beginners–  When you start out to create content, do so with consistency, without being too edgy about quality. The consistency is important in the beginning to sustain your crowd and gather your own tribe. Be less critical of your content, and as you grow, you can always review the quality churned out. Thank me later.



 Now to today’s post!

The pandemic made has increased the number of homebodies, exploring routines to ease boredom. But for people like me, not much has changed. Being a homebody is not a character I could associate with myself in my teenage years. But as I age, I’ve found myself being intentional about where and how I spend my time. I would admit, though, that it is time to loosen up a bit and to appreciate the diversity life holds.

As I brainstormed my content strategy for the year, I felt the need to add a new theme to the blog called ‘Home Echo.’ A subset to my lifestyle content. This content will echo home activities and document in-depth my lifestyle around food or items that I love- including to feature furniture brands, movies I enjoy and friends that I visit or who visit me.

That said, this post heralds the beginning of this lifestyle series. Here are a few activities recommended for you to spare you from boredom this weekend. I’ll love to know your recommendations in the comment box below:

    • Pay Attention to Your Space: During the weekends, I tend to pay extra attention to my space. I clear out a few things, decluttering, admiring the amount of sunlight that comes in, capturing images of items  that I fancy around the house or appreciating my decor. The environment we live has an impact on our mental state and well being, and sometimes re-arranging room features like a bed frame, a mirror stand or desk can give our room an uplift. Also, you may have that nudge that it’s time to look for a new place. 

    • Take a long bath: I will admit that my baths during the week are strictly-timed, due to my work schedule and they make shower-time less enjoyable. But the weekend is an opportunity to let my hair down, soak up in the shower while listening to Tom Odell or George Ezra. I stay longer minutes, having a white space, thinking and re-strategizing.

    • Work on a To-do-list: Listing out activities that I need to accomplish in the coming week is a habit I recently picked up. I have found joy in striking out items on my list and rewarding myself for it. Putting up intended plans on your to-do list eases the burden of juggling too many task mentally. Usually on my to-do-list for the weekend, my list is usually to remember things like content scheduling, outfits for the week, sending out newsletters and video editing. 

    • Catch up with Friends: The pandemic has made us reclusive, and for many of us, our friends need to know that they’re still in our hearts. I’m a big fan of healthy friendships and try at every opportunity to highlight ways people can maintain that relationship. Call a friend this weekend and genuinely listen or have a long wholesome conversation. It goes a long way to building a better bond. There are other tips on activities you can explore with your friends that are far away. For example, online games, some are available through the messenger feature on Apple mobile.

    • Use your Weekends to Sleep: My week is usually hectic, and I barely have enough time to rest. Weekends are the only opportunity for me to get uninterrupted sleep for at least 8hrs. It is essential to maintaining a healthy life/work balance. Some people have vilified the power of rest by emphasizing hustle, but please sleep, ‘problem no dey finish.’ On weekends we are sometimes guaranteed long hours of uninterrupted sleep, take advantage of it, especially for those who work overtime.

    • Meal Prep: If I could pay myself a dollar for every time I saved myself from stressing at lunchtime due to meal-prep, then I could afford a staycation. In 2017, I formed the habit of meal prepping for the week by baking, stuffing on snacks and making stew. Meal-preps for the week prepared during the weekend is a stress reliever. Also, do this while watching Wizkid’s ‘Made in Lagos’ YouTube performance, which I found very delightful. Thank me later.

The ideas on how we spend our time indoors vary by individual and temperament. However, I felt this post can be of use to someone, thinking of ways to escape the boredom of being at home this weekend. Also, read more recommendations from goodhousekeeping and find the idea that fits.