Flowers, Fine Dining & Fashion!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my latest blog post. With summer in full swing, I’m excited to share some of my recent indulgences – flowers, fine dining, and fashion. These are the things that have been bringing me joy lately, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. I have also enjoyed getting back to reading blogs, I think they’re a medium people are getting back to, to tell their stories and I am here for it. Interested in reading previous stories of my summer musings? Check it out here

A girl with flower and a black lace top

So back to my indulgences, let’s begin with flowers. Is there anything more beautiful than a stunning bloom? I’ve been captivated by the variety of shapes, colors, and scents that flowers offer. It’s a new hobby I have picked up, whether it’s a simple arrangement of wildflowers in a mason jar or an elaborate bouquet of roses, fresh florals never fail to brighten my day. They make such a luxurious statement!

Arranging flowers has become almost like a form of meditation for me. There’s something deeply satisfying about creating the perfect floral composition, carefully selecting complementary hues, textures, and focal blooms. But these things cost quite a bit, but the beauty and the color they bring into a space, outweighs the expense.

Fine dining

I absolutely love dressing up and treating myself to a fabulous meal at a top-notch restaurant. The entire experience, from the impeccable service to the exquisite dishes and wine pairings, is a treat for the senses. This year, I have been treated to a fine dining experience at least once a month. I have alternated between my favorite restaurants in DC and DMV. The most visited being Red Hen DC, Le Diplomate, Lady Camellia Tea room, and Le Refuge. The presentation, flavors, and pacing were all impeccable. I’ve enjoyed opening my Pallete to scallops, mushroom, and Octopus. My favorite deserts, Lemon meringue tarts, profiteroles, and some creme blue. I’m still dreaming of a good profiterole right now!

Needless to say, I’m already planning my next restaurant visit and you can follow me on IG @gracechialex.

Dinner at Le Refuge, Alexandria
Dinner at Red Hen, DC


Getting dressed is my way of expressing creativity, and this season I’ve been drawn to more simple silhouette colors, fun patterns, and striking silhouettes. Bold florals, asymmetrical necklines, and pops of neon have been my go-to choices.

Some of my current favorites include a fuchsia tulip skirt from a local designer, which I love pairing with a crisp white shirt, neon green slingbacks, and chunky gold jewelry for a fun, eclectic look. I’ve also been obsessed with a vintage zebra print slip dress I thrifted recently. It looks so chic with an oversized blazer and strappy sandals! And of course, a great pair of printed trousers is always a winner. I recently found a fierce lime green and cobalt blue botanical print pair that looks amazing with a black cami and sky-high stilettos.

Whether it’s fresh blooms, a delectable meal, or a head-turning outfit, you can be sure I’ll be sharing all the details here on the blog. What are some of your favorite indulgences? I’d love to hear about them!


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