How to Celebrate 4th of July x Italian Fine Dining

Hi Lovelies- it’s independence celebrations here in the states, also known as July 4th, and lots of celebrations are already kicking off around the city. In today’s post I’ll be sharing and recommending an Italian dining I visited recently for how to celebrate the July 4th weekend.

A plate of Gnocchi and Calamari

I have been in the US for 4-years and only recently have I started to immerse myself in their culture without anxiety.
As a Nigerian it’s hard to celebrate the independence of another county in fullness without thinking “God when.” God when because that’s what we say when life seems greener on the other side.
Today’s post is not to compare both countries but to recommend a quaint Italian restaurant in DC to spend the weekend.

Italian Fine Dining: The Smith DC

I had another restaurant to dine in, but as they were closed, I opted for The Smith. Fun fact, I always check the ratings and reviews of restaurants before trying out their meals and Google reviews ain’t ever lied.

Street view
Reading Teju Cole’s “Known and Strange Things

The Restaurant is located at the infamous U-street, where everything and everyone is at. The outdoor ambiance is beautiful with a street view that isn’t too distracting.

I consider the outdoor dining options for restaurants, one of the benefits of the pandemic.
The service wait time can drag a little bit, because of the number of people seated. But once you’re attended to, the service gets really good.

I ordered gnocchi, which is my go to whenever I am at an Italian restaurant. Although, I know how to make a homemade gnocchi, it’s never as tasty as the ones from the restaurant. Little secret, I would marry anyone who is able to make me a lovely gnocchi with lamb sauce.

At the end of the service, I had my barcode payment come in, and it was seamless. Ok, first of all, Apple Pay is the truth. I activated the feature out of necessity but it’s made my life so much easier. 

July 4th Celebration Tips

  • Google Maps is your friend
  • Install the Apple Pay feature
  • If you’re in DC get a metro card
  • Try to see the fireworks

I wish everyone a wonderful celebration and happy 4th