5 Affordable Items to Upgrade Your Bathroom this Summer

Bathrooms are the least likely parts of our homes to get upgraded or re-designed for a host of reasons. And with the summer humid temperature and activities, we are bound to spend longer time in the bathroom getting our make-up done, bathing, or general self-care. But bathrooms don’t get re-designed for a host of reasons.

  • Bathroom renovations are a difficult process to go through and costly to implement.
  • Bathroom spaces are usually small for any grand re-design project.
  • People lack design ideas or know-how on bathroom re-design projects.

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I believe as part of our home, bathrooms should receive the same attention- to allow us to refresh with joy. And there are few ways to do so this summer. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing five(5) different ways to improve bathroom space this summer, without breaking the bank.

5 Affordable Bathroom Items

Switch Up Toilet Lighting: Good lighting can improve the vibe and feel of the bathroom space. Changing the lamp or bulb holder can give an eccentric and modern vibe. Also, install bulbs that illuminate the right colour- Light is known to bring joy.

Consider Changing Your Shower Curtain: Adding a shower curtain is a great way to spring your bathroom to life. Fun fact, most shower curtains are affordable and can cost as low as $40. See a few of my recommendations below.

More Ideas

Plants are a Great Idea: They add character to our bedrooms and living rooms. And they can add same feeling to our bathrooms too. It may be hard to consider plants for bathrooms due to humidity, steam, and lack of sunlight. But make us appreciate a space better. Check out House Beautiful recommendations for bathroom plants that can survive humidity.

Go for Wall Shelves: Adding shelves to bathrooms are a great way to add accents to smaller spaces. By adding, for example, floating shelves, you can place tiny frames, candle scents, and other bathroom necessities on them.

The tiny details of shelves can make a bathroom look and feel grand.


Whether you go for a singular shelve as in the above image or a set of shelves, there is no doubt that they make all the difference.

Change Shower Head: Changing your showerhead can offer a better bathing experience. The exciting fact is that showerheads cost as low as $30.00 on Amazon. Also, it might be a great DIY idea to change yours, and it’s pretty easy. See steps here.

Image credit: katrinaleechambers.com

How are you planning to re-design your bathroom this summer? Also, read more from Cosmopolitan on affordable item to add to your homes. How cool are these toilet decor ideas?

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